12 Creative Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

Do you need some inspiration for your Christmas decoration storage? Let me help you simplify it!  This post is all about creative Christmas storage ideas and how to get the most out of it!  Check it out below!

12 Days of Christmas Ideas

Creative Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

Do you struggle with storage ideas for all those lovely Christmas decor items?  Stumped at how to store that wreath or those delicate glass ornaments?  Well, today is day 3 and we are talking about creative Christmas decoration storage ideas that can help anyone looking for solutions.  Check these out:

12 creative Christmas decoration storage ideas that will help you conquer the after Christmas mess!

1 Christmas Lights


This the way I have always stored my lights and it saves me a huge headache the next year when they are all tucked nicely away, organized without any tangles!  You have to try it!


2 Fragile Glass Ornaments


This is a great source with so many fantastic tips that we can all ugame.se to improve our Christmas storage 

3 Christmas Tree


I have never used this method, however I have heard of it!  We always go cut down our own tree in the mountains so storing a tree is not an issue for us.  But I would love to hear if you have tried this!

4 Labels


Labels are a great way to organized your Christmas decoration storage.  Definitely check out this article.

5 Garland


This is such a genius idea, I wish I had thought of it first!  Such a great repurpose as well.


6 Christmas Cards


Do you keep all those Christmas cards year after year?  I really honestly haven’t and now I am wishing I had.  This is an adorable way to keep those Christmas cards and keep the memories alive as well!


7 Wreaths


I actually do a similar thing with my wreaths, but I don’t keep them in my closet.  I have a long hook that I hang them on in my office in my storage room under our stairs.


8 Wrapping Paper


I have to say I am the worst at storing wrapping paper, and I never would have thought of storing them this way!  What a genius and inexpensive way to do it without buying those expensive wrapping paper containers.


9 Cardboard Dividers for Ornaments


Here’s a great idea for storing those Christmas ornaments with ease!  You shouldn’t have to worry about them at all!


10 Gift Wrap Station


Check this out if you are a lover of all things organized!


11 Egg Cartons for Ornaments


I feel like this was another DOH moment for me.  Why is it that I did not think of this!  Ha!  Well, I can definitely use this tip anyways!

12 Clear Containers


I think using clear containers is the best thing you can do.  I have some dark green containers that we have used and its a mystery each time that I look through them.  But hey, the hubby bought them and I was so very grateful.





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  1. Thanks Sara for your valuable info.
    A magical Christmas celebration and decoration needs to require some serious brainstorming to determine the best outcome. I was simply stumped on how do I decorate my entire area in this Christmas? Even I thought about different framework but those are not so appealing. I found your article more interesting and useful as a tool which could help me explore my Christmas celebration and decorations experiences in this sector and help to get the creative juices flowing.

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