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One Room Challenge- Farmhouse Laundry Room Reveal!

Guys, I don’t even know where to start.  It time for my farmhouse laundry room reveal.   This experience….this One Room Challenge experience has been one of the most intense, stressful, and yet inspiring and creative experiences of my life.  6 weeks.  6 weeks to completely transform a room.  Of course I chose a room that was to be gutted and put completely back together. My laundry room.  If you have been following along, you have seen the before picture, but if you have not, here is what my lovely laundry room looked like prior to the One Room Challenge.

Ugly right? Go ahead, you can say it.  Now, if you want to see what the last 5 weeks have been like you can see Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, and Week 5 here.

And… here is my after.

Farmhouse laundry room reveal…

First and foremost, I need to give a huge shout out to some amazing sponsors and one huge helper.  Lowes has been an incredible partner for this project.  They saw my vision and let me run with it.  With the exception to the laundry sink, almost everything in this room was purchased through Lowes.


My dream was to create a space that was filled with light and exuded farmhouse charm.  There are a few main elements in this room that capture just that.  The white shiplap walls, subway tile, reclaimed butcher block counter tops, turned table legs, and of course, that amazing farmhouse sink all contribute to the look and feel of this room reveal.  Including this lovely semi flush mount light by Kichler.  This light had the perfect balance of vintage farmhouse.  The edison bulbs are a nostalgic touch.

The foundation of the room is a octagonal white tile with white grout from Lowes.   This flooring adds charm and lightens up the room.

Now take a step back, into the entry.  I wanted to make a statement so I changed up a few things in my breezeway, the ‘hallway’ to my laundry room.  We started with some barn door hardware from Lowes.

Breezeway makeover

I updated my old black chalkboard wall with a vintage style green chalkboard wall.  Isn’t it so great?  But the chalkboard is nothing compared to my amazing barn doors. I found a set of antique doors at an antique store near my home.  I knew the minute I saw them that they were meant to go home with me.  You can see their original finish here.  They have this amazing old hardware that is still functional, and has all the charm an old antique door should have.  These have had quite the transformation.  I stripped and sanded off the original dark varnish and it revealed this beautiful wood.  The raw look is amazing.  I used a bleach finish technique on the doors which lightened them up a bit and added a nice patina to them.

*I will be doing some full tutorial posts on these doors as well as all the other projects we worked on in this room over then next coming weeks.*


Heading back into the laundry room, the scenery has changed dramatically.  I wanted the room to have a more open feel and by eliminating some lower cabinets, I achieve this.  Instead of base cabinets, we used turned table legs painted in Chimney Smoke from Lowes.


Topping off the amazing turned legs is our handmade reclaimed wood butcher block counter tops.  We built these ourselves and I could not be happier with the end result.  We left a lot of the original rustic character of the wood.  

We built shelves on the other end of the counter tops to hold some baskets that will house lost socks and other cluttering items.

We decided to keep our original upper cabinets since they were in really great shape, I found no reason to replace them.  The only think I did to update these was to add some beautiful glass knobs.  Updating the  knobs on your cabinet can really transform the look.

They are so whimsical and romantic and I love the bit of sparkle they add to the room.

We flanked both walls with subway tile from Lowes.  I installed a grey grout to add some contrast and interest.  After 2 days of grouting these walls, I couldn’t close my hands!  They were so sore.

In addition to the subway tile we added some open shelving similar to the shelving I made for my dining room.  I added some industrial touches along with some fantastic farmhouse goodness.  Can you believe that framed pig print was found at Walmart?  I know, I was too.

My beautiful faucet is also from Lowes.  The oil rubbed bronze finish works so well with the rest of the finishes.

Our old sink and faucet were broken, so it is a dream to have something beautiful and functional in this space.

Below this faucet is an amazing Kohler cast iron farmhouse sink that I purchased from Standard Plumbing Supply.  It is everything I thought it would be and more.  I cannot wait to use it.

This piece right here has to be one of my most prized and favorite pieces in the whole room.  My amazing husband built this sink base.  I drew up the plans of what I wanted it to look like and he made it happen.  I have to say that he made many things happen in this room.  I love the open space underneath.  It truly opens up the space and looks more like a furniture piece instead of a sink base, and that was my goal.  Adding an old galvanized tub underneath only made sense.

The attention to detail on this piece takes it to another level.

We still have a little tweaking to do to hide some of the plumbing, but other than that, I am over the moon.

The sink base is topped with more reclaimed wood counter tops.


And do you remember how we were going to conceal our water heater and water softener?

There it is.  Concealed in a closet hidden among the shiplap.  My husband is a genuis.

We were able to install brand new appliances into the space.  Here is a list of the new appliances we have:

After using these appliances for a little while, I can say that they are AMAZING!  I love the sleek and modern style of the appliances.  Surprisingly they go so well with the neutral farmhouse style I was aiming for.  As the mom of 3 active and rambunctious boys  with a tendency to show up from baseball practice with stains all over, and 1 little girl that is infatuated with makeup, I was really able to put these babies to the test.  They passed.  To see my full review of these appliances click here.


As you saw above, I installed a new washer and dryer, but I also installed one of the most amazing appliances I never knew I always needed!  The LG Styler is a steam clothing care system.  Imagine having a place in your laundry room where you can steam your shirts and suits, sanitize pillows and stuffed animals(almost anything), gently dry clothing at a low temperature, and crease your pants without lifting a finger.  This is the LG Styler, and it is amazing.

I think I have gone to heaven with this bad boy.  Sunday mornings are no longer a chore.  I can throw all my children’s Sunday clothes in here and refresh them for church.  A full review of the LG Styler can be found here.  Now on to some other features in my farmhouse laundry room.

A few days ago, I found out that the laundry baskets I had ordered suddenly were placed on back order, of course without any notification to myself, that seemed to be the theme this week.  I found out 2 days ago, 2 days guys.  I panicked.  I do not live in an area where I could run out and buy something else in a pinch.  I had to get creative.  That is exactly what I did.  I created some wire laundry baskets from some of our old tomato cages from our garden.  I say necessity is the mother of invention.  I was able create a base and sew up some drop cloth laundry bags to go inside.


They ended up being the perfect addition to my farmhouse laundry room.  Talk about happy accidents.

Here are a few more pics that make me happy.

*This post contains affiliate links*

Our laundry room remodel checklist:

  • Demo- take out cabinets, flooring and trim off the window.
  • Install Washer, Dryer, and Styler
  • Install new tile floor
  • Build closet to conceal water heater and water softener
  • Build sink base for the new farmhouse sink
  • Reinstall cabinets in new arrangement
  • Add new trim to the window
  • Add new counter tops
  • Install subway tile
  • Install shiplap to the other walls
  • Build and install new shelves above the laundry sink -( shelves are built, just need to be installed)
  • Install farmhouse sink
  • Paint all shiplap and window trim
  • Remove door
  • Replace with new barn doors on tracks
  • Replace old cabinet hardware with new.
  • Accessorize
  • Install new light fixture
  • build closet for the LG Styler
  • Install appliances


I truly hope that you have enjoyed this farmhouse laundry room transformation.  I absolutely loved every minute of it, even the awful and sleepless ones.  This farmhouse laundry room is a cream come true and it would not have been possible without the amazing generosity of Lowes and LG.

A special and huge thanks goes out to them for their incredible generosity.

I also have to give a huge shout out to my husband who spent tireless hours and endless back paint o help me create a laundry room of my dreams.  He truly is the it.  He is all of it and more.


Thanks for spending a little time with me and remember….

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