Sneak peek Sunday

I had a great time in Vegas last week. Most my time was spent watching my kids swim, dogs play, and eating brownies😳. I think I ate my weight in them. I was also able to spend a considerable amount of time planning and “researching” at some of my regular homestores. I have much to do!

I’m introducing my #sneakpeeksunday. I think I’ll give a few fun little teaser pics of what I’ll be working on for the week. I am very excited with the progress of the projects I’ve been working on. I hope you are too and will check back later in the week to see a few after they have been done! For now here you go…..

If you’re not sure what some of this is, yes that is a roman shade I’ve had floating around my house for a few years, unused. And yes, that’s a sharpie. One of my favorite tools. Also a few fun rugs I found during my “research” last week.

Check back and see what becomes!

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