Does Using Pre Stain Wood Conditioner Really Make a Difference?

Having issues with your wood finish coming out blotchy after staining? You might need to use a pre-stain wood conditioner! Let's learn how to use wood stain conditioner and why you should use it.

It makes a big difference when using an inexpensive type of wood. Raw lumber can be a challenge if you want an even finish. Pre-stain conditioner makes a difference in how the stain turns out.

Does it work?

In my experience, wood conditioner works best with soft, more porous woods. Something like pine will take the wood conditioner well and prevent it from absorbing too much stain.

What wood is best?

You can use a rag, foam brush or a synthetic brush. I find the two first options to be the easiest because you can discard them. You will need to clean your brush if you use a synthetic brush.

What brush should I use?

Since the pre-stain wood conditioner can cause the wood grains to raise up a bit after application, I would recommend sanding it with 80-200 grit sandpaper to smooth it out.

Sand after applying?

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