My Functional and Eye-Catching Chicken Coop Design

Its the best hen house on the block!

Our last project of the summer was our farmhouse chicken coop with a functional, yet pretty, chicken coop design.

We started by building a semi rectangular shed

We added two west facing, functional windows that open for great ventilation

Proper air flow is super important to a healthy flock

We built a wall cutting the coop in half

We kept this as a half wall to keep some of the dust down, and allow the appearance that the space is more open

I also like being able to see them when I come in

 We decided to use a corrugated tin roof

We chose to make the run opposite of the coop, giving us that T shaped roof

I love how it's broken up and gives it dimension

 We built a dutch door on the front of the coop

It’s great being able to shut the bottom and leave the top open to let fresh air in for the chickens on warm days

 We chose to have a covered run for safety

This protects our chickens from inclement weather or predators

 We used 2 by 4's on all the walls of the run

We stapled our chicken wire to studs in the beams

Then sandwiched it by adding another 2 by 4 on top of the chicken wire

This coop is perfect for our chicken's needs and I hope this inspires you in your future projects!

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