16 Bathrooms That Rock the Farmhouse Style



Do you love bathrooms with farmhouse style?  Well, I do!

Many of you may not know this yet, but…..The One Room Challenge is getting underway once again this week!  If you don’t know what that is, you can check out my first One Room Challenge Laundry Room Remodel and see what its all about.  Well, I bit the bullet and I will be remodeling my master bathroom.  At this moment, my bathroom has been torn apart, supplies have been ordered and I am ready to get underway!  But first, I better warn you, we will be having an overflow of bathroom posts for yours, and my pleasure.  That is what I have for you today!  16 bathrooms that rock the farmhouse style.  Do you love bathrooms with farmhouse style?  Oh my I do.

16 bathrooms with farmhouse style and rock it.

These days I am really drawn to some of the vintage farmhouse touches.  Large bathroom sinks, subway tile, and vintage chrome fixtures.  There is something so nostalgic about these bathroom and the feel that they give.  I love the neutral features, the raw and distressed woods, and the cozy, homey feel.  

Today I wanted to feature some of the bathrooms that have given me inspiration and a raw desire to remodel my own bathroom.  I gathered up just a handful of my favorite drool worthy bathrooms with farmhouse style. Which one is your favorite?  I dare you to try and pick one.   It will be much harder than you think.  Take a look: 

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Make sure you PIN from their website and so that they may get credit for their projects.

Here we go.

16 Bathrooms with Farmhouse Style




[tps_title]Farmhouse Master Bath by Jenna Sue Design[/tps_title]

Farmhouse Master Bath by Jenna Sue Design


  1. These are all awesome! I don;t have too much farmhouse style in my home, but adore the look. I always wanted to go super farmhouse in a bathroom. This just makes me want to do it more!

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