Style A Simple Farmhouse Fall Mantle


Create a Neutral Farmhouse Mantle

Today I am going to give you a breakdown of what I used and made to style this simple farmhouse mantle.  I am one lucky lady.  I have 2 fireplaces in my home.  Thus, I have 2 mantles I get to decorate year round!  This fall I have decided I want to go neutral and simplify my fall decor.

Let me break it down.   I gathered up a few things from around my house, added a few antiques and some recent purchases, as well as a few homemade items.

The first thing you want to do when you are looking to style anything is shop in your own home first.  The items I was able to gather from around my home were the white ceramic pitchers, weaved basket(from Homegoods) and the milk jug on the right.  They have been gathered throughout the last few years, and are always playing a different role in my home.

I purchased the antique printers tray a few months ago at a local antique store and decided to add it to the collection of items vying for a space on the mantle.  I love how the basket adds another level of texture to the vignette.

.woven basket

The other recent items I acquired were the set of tobacco baskets from Decor Steals.  If you havn’t checked this website out, you are truly missing out!  They do one flash deal everyday, each day it is something different, and the prices, yes, yes, yes, they are pretty fantastic.  You can check them out here.

tobacco baskets

The last item I decided to include was a fall banner I made.  You can see the tutorial here.  It is a simple and easy project!  I promise.


So, when I am looking to style my mantle, I first and foremost make sure I have at least one or two main focal point items.  This is achieved with the painters tray and the tobacco baskets.  I also make sure the items are an assortment of different sizes, to create interest and dimension.  Laying one tray vertical and one horizontal helps to add  some variety.  I then want to create some balance with the larger items.  Adding the round weaved basket breaks up the square items.  I added more height and interest by adding the milk jug with some pussy willows I found locally.  They also add they lovely fall touch.


Once I am satisfied with the larger pieces placements, I add small accent pieces.  I used white ceramic pitchers for this, which adds more farmhouse love.

Now, I finally add some fall touches with white pumpkins.  I will let you in on a little secret, they were not white to begin with.  paint cheap store bought pumpkins


Create An Easy Fall Mantle

They started out as some dollar pumpkins from Walmart.  The pumpkins out of my garden aren’t quite ready so I resorted to buying a few.  I taped off the stems and spray painted them white.  Easy as that.

It’s all about balance folks.  Play around with it.  Look around your home, see what you can use for a new purpose, even for just a season.  It will give you new appreciation for the things you own.  Move things around.  Add different elements to highlight textures, dimension, and interest.  I obviously am obsessed with neutrals, so I kept with a very simple color scheme in order ot create a farmhouse look.

Create A Simple Farmhouse Mantle


Each day Fall creeps a little closer, the chill in the air, the leaves in all their vibrance, the pumpkins…. all of it.  I love this time of year.   Thanks for stopping by!  Check me out on social media!  Follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!   And don’t forget to subscribe to my email newsletter!  I will be offering giveaways, free printables, and more!


I would love to hear from you!  Have a great day!


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  1. What a stunning mantel! I just adore the tone on tone everything, that coordinates perfectly with your fireplace! Totally featuring this on Party Junk this weekend! 🙂

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