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Do your kids drop their bikes in the driveway, or leave them on the grass?  No, of course not, they never do that.   Mine don’t either!  Ha, yeah well, in a perfect world, this would never happen!  And we all know we don’t live in a perfect world.  Maybe this easy DIY bike rack could help.

Having bikes lying around my yard and garage has always driven me crazy, and I have been trying to think of a good way to store them, that would be easy and convenient.   We have tried installing hooks and hanging them on the walls, but lets face it.  Once they are up, they aren’t coming back down, and they for sure aren’t getting put back up after a long bike ride.  They are just too heavy for me or the kids to do that, and getting my hubs to do that.  

I wanted something movable, and easy done at that.   This easy DIY bike rack is perfect to use for your kids bikes or for adult bikes as well.  I have to confess, this bike rack did not take me 10 minutes, well, the first time.  I had to get the perfect size, and length and proportions.  And now, you can get the low down, and make one exactly like this, and it will take considerably less time than it did for mine.

Here is what you need to make this easy DIY bike rack:

All you need to make an easy DIY bike rack!The first thing you want to do is drill 4 holes in to the 5 1/4 inch pieces of wood.  These are the end pieces to the easy DIY bike rack.

Simple and easy DIY bike rack!

You will then line up the two long 23 inch pieces, and screw the end 5 1/4 pieces on the ends, making a rectangle.

Easy DIY bike rack for kids or adults!

A few simple steps to create an easy DIY bike stand!

Now that the rectangles are made, its time to add the base to them.

Use the 9 inch 2 by 4 pieces for the bases.

Easy DIY bike rack

Line up your 9 inch 2 by 4 pieces at the end of the rectangle piece and drill 2 holes, one on each end, that will be screwed into the rectangle.

Such an easy project, this DIY bike rack!

Make sure to measure on each side, you should have 2 inches on each side.

Easy DIY bike rack!

Now screw them in.  Repeat the same steps to the other end.  Now you have a base to your easy DIY bike rack.

Get your kids bikes off the grass with this easy DIY bike rack! So easy to make, I made it in 10 minutes!

Flip it over, and it is ready for use.

Get your kids bikes off the grass with this easy DIY bike rack! So easy to make, I made it in 10 minutes!

It is the perfect size for either a kids bike or an adult bike.

Get your kids bikes off the grass with this easy DIY bike rack! So easy to make, I made it in 10 minutes!

The wheel fits nice and snug, but not too tight.

Get your kids bikes off the grass with this easy DIY bike rack! So easy to make, I made it in 10 minutes!

The wide base gives the bike rack weight which allows it to hold a much heavier bike.  I love that I can move these around depending on where we want to store them.  We plan on building a roof on the side of our garage where we can store our bikes, and our lawn mowers, but as you know, that all just takes time.

So, for now, we are storing them in the garage, where they can stay out of view, safe from the weather and other hands that may want to take them.

Get your kids bikes off the grass with this easy DIY bike rack! So easy to make, I made it in 10 minutes!

Are you ready to make some of these easy DIY bike racks?

If you’ve got 10 minutes, you may have all the time you need to make one of these.  The bonus to this easy DIY bike rack is that it was made with lumber scraps, and cost next to nothing to make.  Even if you have to purchase a piece of lumber, its not a big investment either.

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  1. Such a brilliant idea. I bought my younger brother a bike and now we are planning a bike rack, it would be better if it’s a DIY rack. Anyways, thank you for this.

  2. My kids so need something like this so they will keep their bikes parked where I want them instead of taking up the whole carport!! We probably have the scrap wood laying around to make it too.

  3. I really like this bike rack and I’m going to modify it just a little. I have a new storage shed and am going to add a hinge to the top rear of the bike rack and attach it to the wall. This way I can fold it up out of the way when it’s not in use. I’ll add a hook and eye to keep it in place. Thanks for the brilliant use of reclaimed wood too!

  4. hi,
    take a bow how did you get this idea man 😀 i just love your article i am gonna try this foy myself you are a really helpfull. i just leave my bike on the ground from now that’s not gonna hapeen thanks man


  5. Loved this article on the DIY bike rack
    I have three small grandsons who have multiple two wheeled vehicles thinking this would be a wonderful project but line three or several more in a row as well as attaching a lock link to leave them unattended with a lock chain when they’re away.
    So simple yet affordable and natural.
    Thank you for sharing

  6. I like the name of your website so I had to have a read up to see how the name came about Very original. I need a bike rack for myself let alone my son so it’s interesting to read the write up here for guidance. A project for us to work on next year when the weather gets a bit warmer.

  7. Wow! I am amaze this DIY bike rack I will certainly do this,A good addition to my newly paint garage.My kids will really like this. Thank you for sharing this lucky I got here. 🙂

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