Make a Fall Wreath – Its Easier Than You Think

You can make a fall wreath. Its easier than you think!  Let me tell you why.

Make a fall wreath, its easier than you think!

Make a fall wreath….

The other day I was in the big city running some errands with my daughter.  These are my favorite kinds of days.  I love to shop, she loves to shop, its a win-win!  We headed into Joann’s to grab a few supplies for some of my projects.  As I wandered down one of the aisles by the fabrics, I saw an end cap full of twig wreath bases.  I initially wanted one, and then I saw the sign.  On clearance for 3.98 “Damaged”.  I instantly did my happy dance, and instantly my 4 year old daughter was asking me what was wrong with me.   She didn’t seem to echo my excitement.



I picked through the pile and found the best ones, but really, they were all pretty great.  I ended up buying three, since I kind of live by the rules of three, its better to be safe than sorry.  Who knows if I would want to hang them all together, the number three is the perfect amount.

I had about a zillion ideas for what I wanted to do with these forms.  Now, I am thinking I should have bought a zillion, but, ah, I don’t have 3.98 zillion dollars. Almost, but not quite.

Today I want to show you how easy it was to take one of these forms and make a fall wreath that is unique, and also a great transition piece as we move from summer to fall.  I don’t necessarily love going straight from summer decor to fall.  I like to transition with some simple fall-ish colors and decor items.  I really like my decor to be usable for more than one season.

As I was finishing up my shopping that day, I was wandering down the aisle at Lowes when I found this.


I wasn’t quite sure what it was but it turns out it is called a storm collar.  I loved the scalloped appearance it had.  I knew I could use it for something. Of course, I bought three of these too!  You never know what I might make out of them.

It was a calm Sunday afternoon when I finally realized what I wanted to use it for.  I was doing some of my usual Sunday “napping” which can only be described as me, lying in bed, brainstorming.  Not sleeping.  It takes me about 1 hour to fall asleep if I am trying to take a nap.  I was brainstorming different types of wreathes I wanted to make, and suddenly I thought I could incorporate that storm collar into my wreath.

Since we are all looking for fall wreaths, or fall wreath ideas, I decided to make to show you one of my most recent.  Here is how I did it:

Make a fall wreath, its easier than you think!

Items I used for this wreath:

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  • I took the twig wreath out to my garage and spray painted it white.  I didn’t spray paint it completely though.  I left it kind of unfinished in some parts.  I wanted to lighten it up.  Plus I had 2 other wreathes I could use if I didn’t like it.

Make a fall wreath, its easier than you think!

  • I took apart the dollar store foliage so that I could use each piece individually.  It makes for a more even display.  I’ll explain more in a minute.

Make a fall wreath, its easier than you think!

  • I began gluing each piece onto the wreath creating a fan effect, going the same direction that the wreath fanned.  Since I took apart the foliage, I could place them individually and create a more even fan.

Make a fall wreath, its easier than you think!

Make a fall wreath, its easier than you think!

  • The next step was to add my Storm Collar to the wreath.  I actually used a little bit of chalkpaint to paint it, but spray paint would be way easier.  I liked the rough look of the chalkpaint though.

Make a fall wreath, its easier than you think!



  • I applied a good amount of hot glue to the backside of the storm collar and also applied it to the center of the wreath.  The storm collar fit perfectly in this spot.  Happy accident?  Totally.

Make a fall wreath, its easier than you think!

  • The last thing I did was apply a strip of burlap onto the back of the wreath.  You don’t have to do this, but I wanted my wreath to hang lower on my front door because of the style of the door.

The last thing to do is to hang it up!


Make a fall wreath, its easier than you think!

I can’t even explain what it is about Fall that I love so much.  Its like the warm sun is still trying to make itself know, but there is a crisp undercurrent that sneaks in around the edges.  The shadows are longer, the colors are different.  Lets live in a perpetual fall.

The reason I really like to write posts like this is not to show you how cool I am, or what great things I can do,  I write them to hopefully give just one person inspiration.  I want to show you how amazingly simple it can be to create something totally original, unique, and all yours.

Make a fall wreath, its easier than you think!


Make a fall wreath, its easier than you think!

I think it is the perfect touch to my front porch as I transition my decor from summer to fall. Notice, I have no pumpkins yet, but a few mums and a rustic wreath are a great way to add that little bit of fall decor without going overboard just yet.

So, even if you cant find a wreath base on clearance, or stumble across a storm collar, that’s okay.  I hope you just pay a little bit more attention to the places you do go.  You never know when or where you will find something that will be the perfect item you never knew you were looking for.  Maybe your out on a walk and come across some pinecones or twigs.  What if you stop at that thrift store and find a basket that your’e not quite sure about.  Well, my thought is that for 25 cents, I will buy that basket, and if I don’t end up wanting to use it, I can always donate it back, and they can earn a little bit more from it.  its a win-win.  Just make sure not to turn into a hoarder.  Nobody wants that!

Make a fall wreath, its easier than you think!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I am truly grateful to you for spending a little time out of your day and I hope you find something here at Twelve On Main that inspires you.  I would love to hear about it, or better yet, see it!  If you have any projects that have been inspired by something you have seen here, shoot me an email and I will feature it on my Instagram, Facebook, or even on my blog!

Have a great day and remember….

be inspired


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  1. I love how it turned out – you seem to have a touch with making beautiful wreaths. I love the twigs and the foliage – just so simply and kind of fancy at the same time. What a steal that you found everything for a steal!!

  2. First off, I LOVE your style of brainstorming! I think I need to try your “nap” method. I usually come up with craft ideas as I’m trying to fall asleep at night, which results in me furiously typing notes into my phone at 1am 😛 I think this wreath is so cool – I love that you found inspiration in items from the hardware store! I will definitely keep my eyes peeled the next time I’m there 🙂

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