Refreshed Winter Decor in the Entryway

I know what you’re thinking…winter decor…isn’t that Christmas decor?  Well, no…no its not.  Its a total departure from that jolly festive decor we all love and enjoy.  And today, I want to show you how I changed my entryway decor, to make way for a bit of winter decor.

I like to decorate for Christmas early…and I don’t complain..hey, its my job.  Its practically a necessity to have the Christmas up and floating around the internet by the end of November.  So, by January, I am ready to clean things out and simplify my home.  

This year, I really kept my Christmas decor simple, hearkening to the Scandinavian style Christmas decor. It was awesome, and I loved it all.  I loved it so much that I kept it a bit longer this year than I usually do.

How to transition from Christmas to winter decor:

But, alas it was time to say goodbye to the festive, and let in a little calm.  I started by totally emptying out the entire space.  You don’t have to do this…I just cant help myself.  I work better with a blank slate.  Our entryway is a decent size and sometimes I consider it a small room…just an odd shaped room. 

I usually have my vintage church pew in my entryway, but its been hanging out in my hallway, so I thought I would try something else for a change.

You see. I have a large garage, and half of it is full of random pieces of furniture that don’t fit in my home anymore.  So, I went out there and rummaged around in the freezing cold for what seemed like forever…but really was only 2 minutes.  Hey…it was cold! I remembered I had this large bench that came with our dining table.  I have always liked the idea of a bench in the entry, and recently I have been thinking about making one that fit both walls in the entryway.  But, there were no miracles happening that day, so I put it off for another.  

I drug the bench into the entryway.  

The advantage to being a blogger is that you start collecting a lot of decor items.  One item I have an unhealthy collection of is rugs.  I change out rugs like some people change out their underwear.  Well, I hope they change their underwear that often.

So, I played with a few rugs, trying to decide what direction I wanted to take this now empty space.  Sometimes I like using a bright rug, with simple touches of soft wood.  And sometimes I like to keep it as serene as possible.  I attempted both…and for some reason the bright rug just wasn’t doing it for me. 

Simple winter decor in the entryway! 

I ended up laying down a very gorgeous cream and grey patterned rug that I decided would be the color pallet for the space.  It was a very effective rug.  Let me explain.

Small children, and grown adults stop abruptly when they see they lovely, pristine, WHITE rug, and panic.  There’s no need to tell them to take their shoes off….because the rug tells them to.  I even had my daughters 6 year old friend refuse to come in, in fear of dirtying the pretty rug.  I told her she wouldn’t…and she hesitantly tip toed in.  

Magic I tell you.

I wish the rug would tell my husband this.  He seems to be the only one immune to its siren call.

I have a simple peg hat and coat rack on the wall, and I wanted to put it to good use.  I set the scene. 

The bench was placed below the hat rack.  When you are wanting to create a function entryway, grouping a bench and hooks together is a very sensible thing to do.  It also creates a focal wall, which if I am honest, it what I aim to create.  I am all about the look and the function.  I love having a place where people can sit and take shoes off and put them on.  They have a place to hang their coats, and plenty of room to twirl around if they really want to. 

Simple and elegant winter decor in the entryway

With a bunch of hard surfaces, there was a dire need for some softness.  

I added some simple pillows to the bench, really just to soften the bench and add more texture.  A throw blanket also drapes the bench.  All perfect winter decor items.Updated and simplified winter decor takes the place of festive Christmas decor. See how here!

And what is that you see?  Well, its a brand new FREE printable!  I haven’t ever created winter printables, but I was just feeling it this year.  I had some fun ones I wanted to make.  They are simple and clean, just an easy way to add a bit of cleverness to your day.

Freshen up your home after Christmas with some winter decor like I did here in my entryway! Plus FREE printables!


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Now, I know that adding winter decor to a space seems like a waste in the grand scheme of things, but I really like adding simple touches throughout the year that signify the season.  I also love changing out my rooms.  Honesty, I feel like most of the time I am bored with the room by the time I finish decorating it.  I am already ready to try something else out.  I am not kidding either.  It really is a problem of mine.  

Simple updated winter decor refreshed the space after Christmas

The last thing I wanted to highlight in my entry was by old rustic ladder…because why not.  A few weeks ago, my husband and I stayed at a really nice spa for our anniversary and the villa they put us in had this giant fireplace area with a long adobe style mantel.  Along the mantel was a ladder, just hanging out there.  my husband commented it was like what I do…it was the ladder to nowhere.  Haha!  I cant help myself.  I love the rustic look and the gorgeous texture that something like this brings to a space.

So, I want to know…do you decorate for the winter?  Or do you ignore it, in hopes that it will shorten the season?  Either way, you are right! That is what I love about decorating.  Everyone has their own style and you can do whatever you want!

If you want to  see more winter decor, check out my winter home tour from last year!

Have a great day!



  1. Thanks love your entry it’s a introduction into what the rest of your home will be , warm and cozy. I love reading your blog it is very refreshing, i am older and you always make me smile with all your energy.

  2. I could not get in your printable using the new password even though I tried several times. You may want to double check it.

  3. I cannot access the Printables thru the directions provided. I have been reading your blog for a long time and love it!

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