The Best Way To Store Your Christmas Tree Lights

I am not sure if I am the last person to be cleaning up and putting all my Christmas decorations away, but I feel like it!  I really resisted tearing it all down this year.  I really did not want to give up my favorite time of night when I can come down into my family room, turn on the Christmas tree lights and bask in the glow and enjoy the quiet.

The best way to store Christmas tree lights!


But as it goes, it is time to put it away.  I am ready for a new start for  the New Year.  I have so many projects waiting in the wings and I can’t really start until all is put away.  This is where my little helpful hint is going to come in handy today.  This tip is something I swear by.  Have you ever put those lights away, all tucked into a box, neatly stacked?  Only to find them a tangled mess when you pull them out the next year?  I have no idea how this happens.  I think the same monster responsible for the missing socks and bobby pins is to blame.

I promise you, this is the simplest storage solution ever!  Plus, you can get some bonus points for reusing items.  Look at you go saving the environment!

So, here it is….the best way to store your Christmas tree lights!

First thing first, gather up some plastic grocery sacks.   You know the kind, the ones that multiply under your kitchen sink.

I like to take a single strand of lights and create a bundle.  I create a zig zag with the lights and then wrap them with the end of the strand to secure it.  Pretty similar to the way the are in the packages the come in.

Christmas Light Storage


Once that is done, I simply put one strand in a plastic bag and wrap it up.

Christmas lights storage

Christmas Lights Storage

Once they are each in their own bag, I start boxing them up.  Guys, it is is as simple as that.  What is so great is that next Christmas, they will each be in their own bag!  No tangled mess, no swearing or cussing huband.  I swear to you, this will save you so much time and all you need is what you already have!  We all try to find ways to reuse those grocery bags and this is a really great way to do that!  So, if you havn’t put away your lights yet, give this a try!  You will be so glad you did!


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  1. It is a great idea to put each string of light in their own bag! I’ll bet that saves so much trouble from them tangling all up. I always have problems getting my lights out every year. I am going to have to try this method!

    1. No. Grocery bags decompose just enoughto fall apart especially in storage. They are Not a good idea to use. They will eventually crumble into a mess.

  2. Hi Sara, I like the way your store your Christmas light that was simply strategy but effective to keep all bulbs safe and that way you can also use that in the next year of Christmas, furthermore, before you install again the used Christmas light decor you must check if all bulbs are still working and it’s not grounded…

  3. This way preserving of your Christmas lights is common, but totally effective. I am doing also in the same way that why my Christmas light is continuing twinkling in how many years until now… LOL! Moreover, thank you Sara, for your thoughts of storing Christmas lights.

  4. Thanks Sara for your info.A Christmas lights can bring a lot of happiness to anyone.Due to poor maintenance replacing each lighting gadgets each year is costly and time taking.Your info helped me a lot to change my perceptions.Hope from this year I can place my costly lights in a safe way and these techniques will save my money and time both.I found your article more interesting and useful as a tool which could help me explore my Christmas lights storing ideas.

  5. This was so beautiful! You captured your kids’ Christmas magic perfectly and I’m sure these pics will be treasured forever. Love your daughter’s mis-matched socks and their sweet expressions. Merry Christmas!

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