The Ultimate DIY Farmhouse Wreath!

I’ve been searching high and low for a neutral farmhouse wreath that I could keep in my home all year long.  I had a few requirements as well.  It needed to be large, and full of texture with many different materials incorporated in it.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a one that fit my criteria, so the result is my ultimate DIY farmhouse wreath.

Use random items from home to create the ultimate DIY farmhouse wreath.

So, what do I do? I make a neutral farmhouse wreath of my own.  

The great thing about this farmhouse wreath is that all the items that I used in it were already in my home and are probably in yours as well.

The Ultimate DIY Farmhouse Wreath

Here are the things I used to make my DIY farmhouse wreath:

  • Straw wreath form
  • white poster board
  • strips of fabric
  • rope
  • hot glue gun
  • butcher paper

I really wanted this DIY farmhouse wreath to be a beefy, substantial wreath.  When I am looking to add farmhouse decor ideas, I like to incorporate a lot of texture, and dimension.  

Start with a plain straw wreath form.

Use this straw wreath form to create the ultimate DIY farmhouse wreath

I  took about 10 feet of brown butcher paper and twisted it up into a rope type structure.

Try adding some butcher paper to create a DIY farmhouse wreath full of texture.

Now, wrap it around the straw wreath form making sure to cover the entire wreath.  I hot glued the ends and made sure the paper was secure on the wreath form.

This will become the most epic DIY farmhouse style wreath ever!

Next, take your strips of fabric ( I used strips of canvas drop cloth about 2 inches wide ), and wrap it randomly around the wreath, hot gluing it wherever it needs to be secured.

Create the ultimate DIY farmhouse wreath!

Create this awesome DIY farmhouse wreath from items from your home!

Once that is done, I took my white poster board, and I cut it into approximately 1 1/2 inch strips.  I then randomly wrapped the strips of paper around the wreath.

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 I made sure to cross the paper and keep it loose to add more volume to the farmhouse wreath.

Use standard white poster board to create an awesome DIy farmhouse wreath

Now that the paper has been applied to the farmhouse wreath, I applied my rope.

Rope makes any DIY farmhouse wreath better!

I hot glued the end of the rope and then wrapped it around the wreath, keeping the placement slightly random, as to not look to perfect.  There is perfection in imperfection. 

This DIY farmhouse wreath is perfect to add style and texture to your home.

This DIY farmhouse wreath is done baby!

Create this DIY farmhouse wreath with items from your home!

By using things that we generally would not think of using, it has created an amazing amount of texture and interest to the wreath.

This DIY farmhouse wreath is my new favorite piece of home decor! Can you believe I made it with items lying around?

I have moved this wreath around a bit, and really love it in my farmhouse living room.  I layered it on top of a large basket that I found at a thrift store.  Its great farmhouse wall decor.

The neutral look and lush texture of this DIY farmhouse wreath is perfect.

I love working on DIY projects in my home and this simple DIY farmhouse wreath was really quite easy and is the perfect wreath to keep around all year long.

This DIY farmhouse wreath is my new favorite piece of home decor! Can you believe I made it with items lying around?

Create the farmhouse look with this DIY farmhouse wreath!



Come see how easy this DIY farmhouse wreath was to make!

Is this a DIY project that you would make for your home?  I think it may be a little out of the box, but it has all the features that I love.  Neutral decor, farmhouses style, full of texture, and using regular items to create something beautiful.

I used items lying around my house to create the ultimate DIY farmhouse wreath. I love all the texture!


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  1. I like everything about your wreath except the poster board strips. Why add them? Everything else is natural fiber – rope and canvas, and the brown paper adds plenty of bulk. You could add a burlap bow!

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