Make Swedish Candlestick Holders with Items from the Dollar Store

Candles and candlesticks are all I want this Christmas.  I cannot get enough of them, in fact, that I needed to make some to add to my Christmas decor.  Today. I want to show you how I made swedish candlestick holders with items from the Dollar Store!  Yes that is right!  I made some really cool candlestick holders with only a few dollars invested!  Let me show you how!

I am excited to be joining up with a handful of bloggers to bring you Christmas dollar store crafts!  I kind of felt like I didn’t have a craft in me this week, and I knew when I found these glass tealight candle holders that I could transform them into exactly what I needed in no time! 

I have fallen in love with the brass candlesticks I used on my Scandinavian Christmas mantel, and was really wanting to add some to my entryway.  There are so many styles of Swedish Candlestick holders, but I wanted mine to look similar to this:

Aren’t they gorgeous?  If you’ve been around my site lately you will know that I am obsessed with all things Scandinavian decor for Christmas and I think that these really would work well with what I have going in my home this winter. 

So, lets see if I can make my Swedish candlestick holders out of dollar store items….

Here is what I used to make my Swedish candlestick holders:

Transform these dollar store tea candle holders into Swedish candlestick holders in no time!

I started with these plain glass tea light candle holders I got from the dollar store for….1 dollar each 🙂

So, I spent 5 dollars on these.  I got 2 different heights so that I would be able to break up the line of the candles and have a bit of interest.

The first thing I needed to address was how to transform these into something that could hold a long skinny tapered candle.  

I had some air dry clay in my art room…because why not?  I took a handful of clay and filled the tea light candlestick reserviores.

Swedish candlestick holders made from dollar store items!

I made sure to fill them about 3/4 full since when I molded it to the candle I knew it would push some of the clay out.

Once I had them all filled I used one tapered candlestick to create a hole for the candle to rest in.

How to make Swedish candlestick holders

I carefully pushed the candlestick into the clay, twisting slightly as it was pushed in.  I then carefully pulled it out and finished the rest.  

dollar store candlestick holders!

Once I had all the candlestick holders filled with clay, and molded, it was time to let the clay dry.  I let it dry with the candlestick inside it so that it would not shrink down on me and create too small of holes.

Make easy Swedish candlestick holders with items from the dollar store.

I then put the candlestick holders into a box for spraying.  I decided I wanted to make these gold/brass to match the other ones in my house.

Dollar store to Swedish candlestick holders!

I sprayed the tops and all the sides with even coats.  Once they were all sprayed, I let them dry.

Now its time to use these babies and get them all styled up for Christmas!

Introducing……my Swedish Candlestick Holders from dollar store items!

Swedish candlestick holders made with dollar store items!  No way!

Aren’t they cute?  I mean, I really cannot believe that they are the same candle holders I found at the dollar store.

Can you believe these Swedish candlestick holders were made with items from the dollar store?  Check out how easy they are to make!


They tick all the boxes and I think that they look so much like the original inspiration image.  I styled these in my entryway, which is also styled in my own Scandinavian inspired style.  I am really loving taking things and really scaling back.  Some Swedish candlestick holders, a bit of fur, and a pitcher of fresh greens really makes my Scandinavian farmhouse style come alive. 

Make sure you pin it for later and share it with your friends!

And that my friends is it!  You better go make your own!  Now, make sure to check out the other bloggers participating in this challenge!  Such cute ideas!



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  1. Love how these came out Sara! I am cleaning out all my candle paraphernalia (why do I have so many candle holders???) and can’t wait to use your idea to give new life to some of my old things. The air dry clay is so smart!

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