My Functional And Eye Catching Chicken Coop Design

Well, my friends, the weather is getting colder, and we are wrapping up all our summer and fall projects. This year we have been so busy building and adding to our property. We have spent our efforts outside, creating new exciting spaces on our land. We have built a goat house, which now houses 2 goats, created a gorgeous tree house for the kids, and our last project of the summer was our farmhouse chicken coop with a functional yet pretty chicken coop design. Its the best hen house on the block, if I do say so myself.

Gorgeous chicken coop design ideas, complete with tin roof, board and batten, a dutch door and stylish outdoor solar lights!

If you are new here, welcome! If you have been here before, you will know I just don’t tolerate functional. There has to be a marriage of function and appearance. This definitely hold true with our chicken coop design. Before I start showing all the pictures and gushing over my love for this chicken coop and the chickens in it…lets talk about what our thought process was and why we built it the way we did.


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First and foremost…we wanted to focus on reusing, repurposing, and recycling old wood and products for this chicken coop. We also wanted to be very budget minded, spending as little to build this giant chicken coop. Can we do it? Keep scrolling to see!

I spent a good amount of time on Pinterest getting some chicken coop ideas for our chicken coop DIY. There is so much information there, I was able to get a good idea of things I did and didn’t want.

We created this chicken coop design on a piece of paper, as we sat in our backyard figuring out what would work best for the area we had chosen to build it. As of now there are no chicken coop floor plans but we could create them if there is enough interest.

There were so many concerns we needed to address and I think we have crossed all of them off our list.

The bottom line is that chickens are messy and dirty, but I wanted to create a space where they could be happy, and I could enjoy the chores of cleaning and maintaining the area while getting those yummy eggs.  

We started by ordering our baby chicks online at Meyer Hatchery. I knew once they were on their way, we needed to begin our project. They spent 6 weeks in our garage in their brood box, and that was just the right amount of time for us to finish their chicken coop. 

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Why we do not have 100 percent free-range chickens:

We decided long ago, that our backyard chickens would not be free roaming, and completely free range. We had many reasons for this, the biggest one being predators in the area. We have mountain lions, foxes, raccoons, skunks, bobcats, ferrel cats, eagles, hawks, and neighborhood dogs. All of which I really did not want to worry about. So, the first thing we needed to address was creating a chicken coop and chicken run that would be as predator proof as we could get it. Obviously I don’t think it would ever contend with a bear, but if that ever happened we would be shocked entirely. So we focused on the things we knew we could prevent.

So, since we are keeping our chickens in their coop and run, it needed to be a bit larger, granted I think ours is a bit larger than it needed to be, but the chickens are so happy, and we never do anything half way! They have tons of space and I think it worked out well.

How we created a chicken coop and run perfect for our chickens:

The chicken run needed a roof to protect our little chickens from all the predators and I liked the idea of having a large place that they could run, and play while being protected from the sun and rain. This chicken coop DIY needed to check off all those important concerns.

The chicken coop design:

Gorgeous chicken coop design ideas, complete with tin roof, board and batten, a dutch door and stylish outdoor solar lights!

The coop also needed to be large enough for the 11 chickens we have. The size of your flock will dictate the size of your coop. We wanted them to have enough square foot space for each chicken, as well as a roaming area. As we were building our coop people commented on how large it was and that it must be my husbands new quarters….haha! Well, there is a good reason for that. The coop is actually half storage for our chicken and goat feed and supplies. I was in desperate need of a place to put their things that were near them, instead of in our garage which is quite a ways away. 

chicken run and gorgeous solar lights!” width=”600″ height=”816″>

So, we addressed this by cutting the coop in half, using half as the coop and half as storage. It just looks like a glorious large mansion for the chickens! We added a tongue and groove wood floor to the storage half of the coop. This makes it easy for me to sweep up the dust and feathers that seem to show up everyday. The coop side was left as dirt so that they could scratch and enjoy their dust baths(which are hilarious by the way).

chicken run and gorgeous solar lights!” width=”600″ height=”900″>

We store their feed in a large metal trash can. Its cute and keeps all the critters out!

chicken run and gorgeous solar lights!” width=”600″ height=”900″>

We also needed to address how were were going to access our eggs without having to tromp around in the coop. We originally were going to build nesting boxes that were accessible to the outside but we decided we had plenty of room inside the coop and built the nesting boxes into the wall that divided the coop from the storage. 

chicken run and gorgeous solar lights!” width=”600″ height=”900″>

This way, we have easy access, we can go in, fill their feed and check for eggs all at the same time. I am really excited to start finding fresh eggs in them! As it is, our chickens are only 3 months old, so it will be a couple more months before we start getting them. Hopefully having a happy place will keep egg production


So, let’s talk about our large chicken house project. 

We started by building a simple semi rectangular shed. We added two windows that are west facing, and they get wonderful afternoon sun that keeps the coop cozy through the night. They are also functional and open like an awning window. They have wire covering them, to protect the chickens from predators. You want to have great ventilation for your chickens. Proper air flow (different from being drafty) is super important to a healthy flock.

Gorgeous chicken coop DIY! Love all the features of this chicken coop design!

We built a wall cutting the coop in half. We kept this as a half wall, so that we could hopefully keep some of the dust down, and allow the chickens the appearance that the space is more open. I like being able to see them when I come in. They are often chilling on the roosts we have built. 

Chicken coop roosting bars, nesting box ideas and more

Under the roosts, I built a wood platform that allows them to poop all over, but I can easily sweep it off, making it so much easier to clean. I know they poop everywhere, but I find they poop the most when they are roosting, so this helps to maintain this and make it easier to clean.

Chicken coop roosting bars, nesting box ideas and more

We built a small door that they can use to go in and out, with a door we can slide down at night to keep the warm and cozy and out of the wind. I know, it sounds like I am spoiling my chickens…and I suppose I am…but thats okay! They are happy chickens and so very sweet! They are sweet with the kids and the kids love them too.

Chicken coop roosting bars, nesting box ideas and more

I want to talk about the roof for a minute. We decided to use a corrugated tin roof for many reasons. We really wanted to use shakes as we have on our goat house and tree house, but we ran out and they are so pricey and time consuming, so we opted for something a bit more economical option. Plus, I have wanted to use the tin roof in some of my designs so this seemed the perfect time.

Gorgeous chicken coop ideas including dutch doors, stylish solar outdoor lights, and so much more!

We decided to break up the roof lines by running the run opposite of the coop, giving us that T shaped roof. I love how it is broken up and gives it dimension.

Gorgeous chicken coop ideas including dutch doors, stylish solar outdoor lights, and so much more!

Last, my husband built the dutch door on the front of the coop to compliment the ones on the goat shed and tree house.

Gorgeous chicken coop design ideas, complete with tin roof, board and batten, a dutch door and stylish outdoor solar lights!

I love, love this door and right now, we are leaving it stained…but one day I may paint it….we shall see. It’s great being able to shut the bottom door and leave the top open to allow fresh air for the chickens on warm days. This prevents dogs from getting in as well.

Gorgeous chicken coop design ideas, complete with tin roof, board and batten, a dutch door and stylish outdoor solar lights!

The chicken run design:

 More chicken coop ideas…..we chose to have a covered run! It was the best choice for our environment. We wanted a place that protected them from inclement weather or predators.

Gorgeous chicken coop design ideas, complete with tin roof, board and batten, a dutch door and stylish outdoor solar lights!

The roof and door wall of this chicken run is the star in my opinion. My husband created a gorgeous looking new home for our chickens.

Gorgeous chicken coop design ideas, complete with tin roof, board and batten, a dutch door and stylish outdoor solar lights!

We installed beams and cross beams on the roof, and used 2 by 4’s on the walls of the run. We installed one set of studs building out the entire run, and then we stapled our chicken wire to the studs and then we sandwiched it by adding another 2 by 4 on top of the chicken wire.  You can also use hardware cloth.

Chicken coop DIY ideas

Happy chickens in their stylish and functional chicken coop DIY

This will hopefully prevent any predators from being able to tear or pry the chicken wire off. It’s as predator proof as we could get it.  

A gorgeous chicken coop design that will have you running to the tractor store to purchase some chickens!

My husband built all the doors on the chicken coop and run. I am obsessed with the main door on the chicken run as well as the dutch door on the front of the coop. I could not stress enough how important it was that I did not have to duck down to get into the coop or the run, and my tall husband can do it too! I wanted it to be functional and still beautiful. I wanted to have some ease to the design that made our life just a bit easier.  

Functional and beautiful chicken coop ideas to help you with you chicken coop DIY project.

All the doors lock from the outside but have a mechanism that allows us to pull a wire to open from the inside which will prevent me from being locked in with my chickens:)

Lighting for our chicken coop design:

With so many chicken coop ideas swarming around in my brain, I knew I wanted some kind of lighting.

I was really unsure whether or not I wanted to add electricity to our chicken coop design. I opted to not have any, just for safety sake. But, I also wanted to have some lighting on the outside that was decorative and functional. I searched high and low and finally came across these gorgeous solar farmhouse barn style lights.  They are the perfect addition!

chicken run for chickens that aren’t able to run free range.” width=”900″ height=”600″>

These solar lights light up when the sun goes down, and recharge during the day. They give the perfect amount of light in the evenings when we are out locking up and making sure all is well. I love them!!! The only thing I don’t love about them is their solar panels, which you can see in some of our images. But, it has made all the difference, so I will choose to ignore them.

This chicken coop design is beautiful and functional! Love this dutch door and and you believe that light is solar charged? Gorgeous!

One more thing that we did to ensure the safety of our chickens was to bury some chicken wire along the entire exterior of the coop. We stapled it to the foundation and covered it with gravel. I hope this deters any naughty critters exploring our backyard in the night.  

Chicken coop DIY ideas that will help you create the perfect home for your chickens.

Overall, I am so thrilled with how our chicken coop turned out. All my chicken coop ideas were finally coming to fruition.

The exterior finish of our chicken coop:

chicken run with a tin roof. Its so pretty!” width=”600″ height=”900″>

I chose to paint the entire coop and run white. I used my Wagner Control Pro 130 Power Tank Sprayer. This sprayer is so wonderful. It took me no time to paint the exterior and interior of the chicken coop.

This paint sprayer is perfect for big interior or exterior jobs. It can be used with a large range of paints and stains. It is gravity fed for fast priming and cleaning. The spray gun features High efficiency Airless technology. It gives a great even finish. There is also way less overspray with this sprayer! It is my tried and true. I am a big fan.

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Why do I go overboard on projects like this?

There are many reason why I push to create these types of projects. Honestly, I feel that if I can going to have to build a chicken coop, greenhouse, goat shed, or treehouse, why not push it to the limit and make it exactly what I want. I do not sit back and watch my husband do all the work. On the contrary, I am right there with him building, cutting, nailing and screwing. Granted, he has to do the heavy work, but if I feel that if I want something done, I should be in there doing the work. I am so grateful to my husband for all the hard work he puts into our home and outdoor projects. 

I feel that I have certain standards of how I want things to look on my property and I am not afraid to work for them. I love having something that is functionally great but also visually appealing. It makes for one very happy girl.

Yes it is the harder way, and yes it is more work and effort, but I have found it all to be completely worth it in the end.

I have happy goats, and I have happy chickens. I cant ask for more than that. I have kids who take pride in their home and that is important to me. We have built the basics. We are creating the framework of a ‘homestead” that we can truly love..each and every inch.  

Amazing chicken coop ideas for those looking for something stylish and functional for both your chickens and the humans!

Now, I do want to say…this chicken coop DIY isn’t entirely finished. We still have landscaping and a few little touches to take care of. But, I wanted to share it with you now, in hopes that you can gain some inspiration for projects you may be thinking about. I am hoping once summer hits, we will have grass, flowers, and hopefully a lot of lavender and rosemary planted along the exterior of the chicken coop. But, this will all have to wait until then.  

I truly hope you enjoy seeing the progress we make daily here at Twelve On Main. Its not easy, nor is it always the most fun, but it is so worth it! 

chicken run full of happy chickens! This was a very affordable chicken coop, using repurposed items, a solar barn light, and its completely predator proof!” width=”473″ height=”1024″>

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I have rounded up some of my favorites here!

Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Your coop looks gorgeous. We built a chicken coop this spring as well. We had to go with hard cloth wire since we have weasels here. They get right through chicken wire. They get through the size of a quarter. My friend lost four of her hens to a weasel in one night. They just kill for the fun of it. I hope you enjoy your chickens as much as I do mine. Really enjoy your bbn blog

    1. this is the cutest coop I’ve ever seen! hope the plans are coming along and that they’ll be ready by next spring! *fingers crossed*

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  2. We had chickens years ago and also had hard cloth wire but something got in and got all of them in one night. Rat snakes also got two. Next spring you might want to check out adding an old tire on the ground and fill it with diatomateous earth (not sure on the spelling). The chickens will fluff in it and it kills mites and other pests. We saw this done in the chicken coops at Biltmore House. Read up on it. Good luck.

      1. Love this so much, well done!! I want to purchase your plans if you have them yet. I have chickens already and predators are everywhere. I have made 2 coops from scraps but they need a better home.

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    1. I take a bucket in the coop and rake the poop and shavings into the bucket. There is a platform under the roosts, so when they do most their pooping at night it lands there. I can easily clean it up from there. Since it is winter I have not cleaned out the entire bottom of the coop yet. I add fresh pine shavings often so that they have a deep bedding to keep them warm. I will do a deep clean once the weather warms.

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    Your tree house is fabulous as well. I hope to build one of those also! My veggie garden leads into a patch of trees where I’m building my coop and run. (The other half of my coop will be a garden shed.) The run will border the back perimeter of the patch of trees. The tree area will have leisure stuff like picnic table, fire pit, etc. And I want to add a tree house in that area. Yours is great inspiration!

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    I’ve searched and searched coop ideas and designs for some time now and I can’t find one the I love more than yours. I’ve read all the comments about plans/blueprints, and it’s been a little while since anyone asked if you have them available yet. Please say you do or soon please 😍

  59. Hi. I absolutely love everything about this. Any chance you have completed the plans for purchase??

  60. LOVE this SO much! Please say you are close to having plans for this! I think your goat barn is adorable too ❤️

  61. My neighbor wants to hire my son to build a coop for her. She picked yours – duh – its gorgeous!!!! Any chance plans are coming soon??? He’s not advanced enough to make them himself. Pleeeeaaase let me know! Thanks

  62. Good Evening. Are plans available or at least guide lines as far as the type and quantity’s of everything ? We are planning on building this weekend. Much Appreciated. PS. We absolutely love the plans !!

  63. Hi, love the coop we just started our flock, we picked out 10 ranch chicks and are so excited to build this..Do you have a rough draft of dimensions. Hope it’s available soon..

  64. Hi!! I absolutely love this coop. I see several people have asked about plans in past months, but is there any chance you have plans now? 🙂 Thank you!

  65. Hi! I love your coop! We’re actually building one right now & are looking at yours for design. Where did you get the hinges on the front door? Thanks!

  66. I will be begin building my chicken coop next weekend. I LOVE YOURS! What is the chance that you have plans that I can purchase? : )

  67. So cozy and charming! I’ve been patiently waiting for your plans and excited to try our hand in building. Where will you be posting your plans when finished? I don’t want to miss them!


  68. Okay, one more vote for the plans for this! We’re getting 4 chickens in about a week, and had just decided we were going to buy a coop, but I’d MUCH rather build this one, and I have a very handy husband! You had said plans would be done this week– are they available yet?

  69. Been holding off on building until your plans are ready–how will we be able to find them–new blog post? You’re amazing, by the way!

  70. What a great coop. I am so glad you buried wire to foil more predators! They are so sneaky! Hope your chickens lay lotsa eggs-I eggspect (sorry, had to do it!) lots of great egg recipes once they get going. My daughter had to get a rooster for one broody hen who wants to sit on her eggs! At east the coop is far enough away from the house that he doesn’t awaken them!

  71. We purchased the plans, are going to start this weekend! Cant’ wait. Where did you purchase the windows? Thanks!

  72. Hi! Love this coop and am purchasing the plans soon. The in question I had before purchasing is what do you estimate your total costs were for this project? We are trying to stick to a budget so making sure this isn’t way out of range before buying the plans! 🙂

  73. Hi! We just purchased your plans. So excited to build it. Any chance we could see additional Pictures of the interior? (The nesting box layout and roost). We’d like to construct it similarly but want to get a better idea of how it’s laid out. Thanks so much!

  74. Hi! Beautiful coop and we plan on purchasing the plans. May I ask what type of siding you used and where you purchased the metal roofing? Thank you!

  75. This coop is gorgeous! Do you have a video tour of it posted anywhere? I am not very good with visualizing. I usually need to see a 3-D or video LOL. So glad you posted plans!

  76. Could you give a ballpark estimate of how much the materials to build this cost you at the time? Lumber prices have gone up since then, obviously, but I’m just curious what to expect as a starting price – I can do the inflation math from there!

  77. I love your coop! We are planning to build a coop soon. Is there anything you would change or add to your design? I’m considering insulation as I’ve heard the heat is harder on chickens than cold temperatures.

      1. I would love to purchase your plans but, even though I’m not getting my chickens until sprint, and I’ve heard about chicken math ha ha ha 😉 Do you happen to have plans to purchase for a bigger coop or do you think it would be able to be modified to create a bigger “coop”? Also, I saw the plans on etsy with your exact pictures. Is that you or did someone copy your plans? Love, love your coop and run and can’t wait to start our build. Oh, one other question: Is a concrete pad okay even under the run if I put sand or some other material on top? Sorry, newbie here. Hope it’s not a duh question! ha ha

  78. We bought the plans and are about to start building. Just wondering has anyone found a good solution for similar windows?

  79. Hello! I’ve been gushing over this coop for months. Dying to build it. For someone who has never built anything in her life, do you think I would be capable of this project? 😬

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