My Fall Bucket List


Fall is my favorite season.  If I could put the feeling in a bottle and keep it with me throughout the year I would.  As a family we make so many memories this time of year.  Like many other families, we have a, sort of, bucket list.  I thought maybe I should jot a few down.  Some of our fall traditions are pretty common, some a little silly, but all quite memorable.

Lets start off!

  1.  Pick some pumpkins!  Well, we actually grow our own pumpkins at our house, so we usually set aside a night and pick them all out of the garden and haul them around decorating the house.  If you’re not lucky enough 😉  to grow your own, try finding a pumpkin farm where you can pick them yourself.  Either way, even if you venture out to the grocery store, try to make it a family event!  Include your kids!  Go grab some dinner after.
  2. Scare your kids!  Okay, so this might sound mean, but trust me, it is the most satisfying activity as an adult.  Now, I am not saying to scare the begeezes out of them.  We are a family of prankers, so we find any chance to get someones heart racing.  My kids favorite is being scared by those fake spiders and bugs.  Often times, I team up with them and we all scare dad!  The thrill on my kids face is worth all the pouting my hubby might do!
  3. Check out a corn maze
  4. Find a fun new plaid scarf to keep you warm
  5. Build a scarecrow-  My kids love creating a fun scarecrow for our front yard.  Usually it is wearing dads shirt and pants, but one year, they dressed him up as Hans Solo
  6. Dip some apple slices in ooey gooey carmel-  I know you can just make carmel apples, but we like to cut ours into slices and dip it in warm gooey carmel.  The great part is you can make just a small amount for yourself to devour secretly in the laundry room while your “doing laundry”.
  7. Check out the fall leaves-  Nothing better than watching the leaves in all their colorful glory
  8. Make pumpkin chocolate chips-  My favorite recipe:  1 can of pumpkin puree, 1 spice cake mix, and chocolate chips.  Oh so good.
  9. Bonfire or Cookout!-   We have a fire pit in our backyard, so this is incredibly easy for us to do.  We do it often, especially when the weather turns a little chilly.
  10.  Take a drive and see the fall leaves.  We are so lucky to be able to do this everyday!  We are surrounded by the lovely fall splendor that is dying leaves:)
  11.   Have a picnic in the mountains
  12.  Sip some hot chocolate or cider

These are a few that my family loves doing ever year.  This is just the beginning of our list, we add more to it everyday!  I am very lucky to have a great husband who loves to make memories with his children.  We always tease him that he is running for father of the year.  I hope that some of these ideas will make some memories for you!  I have created a few fun fall bucket list printables as well as some other fun fall printables.  I hope you enjoy!

fall Printable


Free Fall Printable


Fall Bucket List Printable


Fall Bucket List Printable



So, sip some cider, and snuggle by the fire.  Fall is here, and it’s here to stay.

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