Why I’m Excited About the Paypal Cash In and Cash Out at Walmart!

Thank you PayPal and Walmart for sponsoring this post. Introducing PayPal cash in and cash out money services, the financial services alternative which allows you to manage your cash flow on your own terms!

How I use Walmart Paypal cash in and cash out services to free up my life!
 Being a blogger is interesting work to say the least.  There are so many moving parts to creating a digital, freelance business that actually makes money.   Getting that money can be more difficult than doing the actual work sometimes…But I have just learned about the new PayPal Cash In and Cash Out at Walmart stores and let me tell you I am thrilled.  In an exciting new partnership, Walmart and PayPal have teamed up to launch PayPal’s cash in and cash out money services.  Can you imagine how this can be a game changer when managing your finances?   Keep on reading see how!

Lets get real for a minute.  I am a DIY, home decor, and recipe blogger…I guess you could almost call me a lifestyle blogger at this point.  But, what that means is that I do what I am good at.  Making things pretty!  Making money this way can be tricky, and I am often doing freelance work, which is awesome…but kind of unreliable. This picture below is a great example of what I work on daily.  I take boring unloved rooms, and create inviting beautiful spaces. 


I also involve the whole family!

And why do I do this you ask?  Well, I do it for this group of people in the picture below.  My family.  I work hard to provide and do what I can to contribute to our family’s well being.  I feel accomplished being able to contribute to our family’s finances.

How I save my family time and stress with the new Walmart Paypal cash in and cash out financial services

We are a family on the go, always in search of the next fun thing!  We don’t have time to wait around for a paycheck!

I also live in a pretty small town, and we travel often to the nearest town( 1 1/2 hours away ) to do the “big” shopping, violin lessons, and such.  What this means to us is that we are often tied down spending a lot of our time stocking up and grocery shopping when we are there.  We have found that Walmart is often the most convenient since they are a one stop shop!  

Now, imagine this.  I am waiting for a payment to come through on my PayPal account from a freelancing job I did…and as it always is with a big family, money gets tight.  Being able to access that money on PayPal becomes an increasingly important element.  Now, if you have a non traditional job, you will understand how crucial it is to be able to manage your finances on your own terms.   I think that PayPal’s cash in and cash out can be a really convenient asset. 

When I saw this new  PayPal cash in and cash out at Walmart stores, I had to check it out and let you know about how it can be a huge help when dealing with the inconveniences of paying for groceries and other day to day necessities.  

Now lets see how this can help me, when I am doing my giant grocery shopping trip at Walmart.  I may have a balance on my PayPal account and I really need to use it.  With PayPal cash in and cash out money services, I can access my PayPal account, easily load and withdraw money at any US Walmart store.  I can then use this money to pay for my groceries!  This really gives me so much more freedom and flexibility in using that money! 

If you have the PayPal Cash Mastercard, you can simply pay bills or make purchases online or anywhere “Mastercard” is accepted.  You can easily access your cash balance using Walmart Service Desks, ATMs, and cash registers for the low fee of $3 per service.  

And last, I want to just add this.   At this time of year when the holidays are upon us, having access to your finances is more important than ever.   Did I mention that this is the busiest time for my business as well?  Who has time to worry about finances when you are knee deep decorating and styling the ultimate Christmas tablescape…I know I don’t.

Scandinavian Christmas tablescape

I am so thrilled to be able to take advantage of this convenience and hope you try out the PayPal cash in and cash out at Walmart stores today!

From my family to yours… 

How to use Walmart Paypal cash in and cash out services to make your life easier!

Have a great day!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Read more about my family and why I do what I do here!


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