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I guess you can say I am obsessed with spring right now.  Today as I sit down at my desk I can look outside and see the first signs of spring.  This week has been quite nice actually.  I would say the weather is downright perfect.  I cannot let that fool me.  Next week it could be a blizzard.  Ah the joys of living in Utah.  We have bipolar weather.  SO since it is so nice I thought I would make a cute and simple book page Easter banner for my fireplace mantle.  Of course I am using book pages.  Easy book page Easter banner.  Its a must. |

I am a big proponent of using what you have at home to create home decor, but if you don’t have some of these items that is okay!  Here is a little list of what you’ll need.
Jute Twine
Stencil-it Reusable Lettering Set- 2 inch
Sharpie Permanent Markers
Paper Cutter
Hole Punch
Old Book


I began this banner like many of my book projects by cutting or tearing some of the pages out of my trusty old book.  Once removed, I straightened the pages with my paper cutter.  I use this thing for everything.

Easy book page Easter banner.  Its a must. |

I then drew the design I wanted for the bottom of the banner.  I didn’t want to make the triangle banner like I have done.  I measured the center of the page and made a mark.  I then measured up 2 inches from that mark and made another mark.  I then connected the center mark to the corners of the page.

Easy book page Easter banner.  Its a must. |

Like so.

Easy book page Easter banner.  Its a must. |

I then used my scissors to cut that part out.  I cut all the pages together so they were all the same.

Easy book page Easter banner.  Its a must. |

I then traced my letters with my stencil and sharpie marker.

Easy book page Easter banner.  Its a must. |

I added a flower to each end of the banner and then colored them all in.

I then gathered up all my pages and used my hole punch to make two holes at the top of the pages about 2 inches apart.   The next step is to weave the twine into the holes at the top.

Easy book page Easter banner.  Its a must. |

The last step is to hang your banner.  I hung mine on my fireplace, but I had about 10 other places I wanted to hang it.

On my chalkboard wall

In my Entry

On my living room chalkboard

and on and on.

Easy book page Easter banner.  Its a must. |

I hope you try out this book page Easter banner.  It is so fun and easy.

Now I am on to my next project.  Someone stop me!  My husband has tried.  It did not work.

Have a great day!

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  1. I love book page crafts and your banner is awesome and looks great with your mantel display! Thanks for sharing with us at Brag About It. Pinned to share

  2. This is super cute, Sara! I love anything with words so this banner is perfect.
    Thank you for sharing at Brag About It link party (Mondays at Midnight) on VMG206.

  3. What a cute and inexpensive idea! Pinned and shared. Thanks for linking up at #ThursdayFavoriteThings! I hope you will join me at #OverTheMoon!

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