Spring Chalkboard Wall Art

I have been feeling really inspired lately, whether from secluding myself in my house…..I’m being a little antisocial, or that I can feel that spring is just a round the corner.  And by corner I mean about another month.  Even then, I am not safe for a few more.  Today though, today was amazing.  I ventured out into my backyard, on a quest for some branches for an upcoming project.  You will definitely not want to miss that one.  I guess I should cut to the chase of what I am showing you today.  I have been working really hard on bringing a little spring into every space in my home.  This spring chalkboard wall art is something I created for my breezeway/mudroom.  Hey it can have some spring touches too.


Spring Chalkboard Wall Art. Be inspired. | Twelveonmain.com

As I wandered through my backyard, I was surprised to see buds forming on my peach tree.  One can only hope that they hold out and  wait until after the first frost to bloom.  I could really go for some fresh homegrown peaches.  Mine are the best.    It was a nice reminder that spring is on its way.  That life is working hard under the ground.  Spring will come, the roots know that.

Spring Chalkboard Wall Art. Be inspired. | Twelveonmain.com

I love my chalkboard wall in my mudroom.  It is a great place for my kids to create.  I think I am a little guilty of claiming this spot as my own.  From jotting down to do lists to writing up a grocery list, this place serves many purposed.  Right now it is here to welcome spring.  This room is the main thoroughfare through our home.  Our kids come and go from school through these door everyday.  By giving them a cozy and inviting area to come home to, it refreshes them.  The other day my youngest son said he was very lucky.  I asked why and he said, “Cuz our house is always nice and you keep it nice for us.”  Way to be tender!  For anyone that thinks that these types of projects are a waste of time, let me tell you this:  they see more than you know, they appreciate things unknown to you, they know that you care.

Spring Chalkboard Wall Art. Be inspired. | Twelveonmain.com

Spring is coming, this is true.  I will continue to try to live in the moment, because I know that mid summer I will be missing these chilly days.  But, I will also continue to dress my home with drippings of spring flair to remind me of the days to come.  My spring chalkboard wall art is just the beginning.

Have a great day and inspire yourself.  Do something great!



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