Clean Your Chalkboard the Easy Way!


Clean Your Chalkboard the Easy WayI’ll Let you in on a little secret.  I love chalkboards, but I hate a messy one.  Now, I have been dabbling with different types of chalkboards, and with different types of chalk.  I had a bit of an over obsession with chalkboard markers.  I mean, yes they are great, right?  There has only been one problem that I have found.   Maybe this is only my problem, since most of my chalkboards are homemade and not store bought, but if you use a chalkboard marker, even after seasoning the chalkboard, once you  are ready to wipe off the design to put something new, you’re left with a ghost image of sorts.  The marker seems to penetrate more than regular chalk.

The first time I saw this was when I was cleaning off my chalkboard wall in my mudroom.  Oh boy did I panic!  I ran through a few scenarios in my brain.  Most ended with…REPAINT.  I did NOT want to repaint!  No way!  As much as I like to paint, no.


Now, I am not in the business of having to repaint my chalkboards every time I use them, soooooo I had to figure out a way to get this ghost image off!

And you want to know what that way is???

Mr.  Clean, Mr. Clean, da da da da da da da da  Mr.  Clean, Mr.  Clean.  I hope you were singing that.

Two words:  MAGIC ERASER

I know, I am not inventing the wheel.  You can use these things for just about everything.  But, I had never really thought of them as a chalkboard cleaner.  But, I tell you, it works like a charm.

Clean your chalkboard the easy way!If you look closely, you can see a slight ghost image of my previous drawing.  This was after I started using, right under welcome, there was a bicycle.   Just a little time with the magic eraser and its gone.  The bottom of the chalkboard is all clean.  No more ghost images.


MY ONLY CAUTION:  do not scrub it too long or you just might start lifting off the actual chalkboard.

DIY Chalkboard




Clean your chalkboard the easy way.AFTER

This has come incredibly handy this last week, as I start to transform my home into fall mode.  I am so glad I found one of these in my cleaning cupboard when I panicked at the sight of my chalkboard wall covered in ghost images.  Saved my life.  Hope you have a great day!

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