Make an Easy Dryer Vent Hose Pumpkin

Want a unique way to create pumpkin decor for your home for fall or Halloween?  Try out this super easy dryer vent hose pumpkin and make many for just a few dollars!

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I am a busy little bee this week.  I am currently in the middle of making centerpieces for a hospital fundraising dinner.  Did I mention that it needed to be 40 centerpieces?  And that they want to auction them off?  And that they are fall themed?  Well, I definitely cannot just throw up some real pumpkins and call it good.  We are no where close enough to any harvest holidays.  So, I have taken it upon myself to create some really cute pumpkins that can be kept all year long.

I am making a few different kinds, and today’s project was so very easy, I couldn’t believe it.  Who knew you could make a pumpkin out of a dryer vent hose?  This project literally took 5 minutes to put together (not counting spray paint drying time).

Make a Pumpkin out of a Dryer Vent Hose

This is what you need to make these:

Dryer Vent Hose (I was able to get 7 large pumpkins out of one hose)

Hot Glue Gun

Spray Paint, I chose white, but you can do any color you want.

Wire Cutters


Stick or piece of wood for the stem.

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I started by stretching the dryer vent hose.

dryer pumpkin4

I then curled it into itself, to make an “O”.  I cut with foil part with scissors, and there is one wire that will need to be cut with wire cutters.

dryer pumpkin 5

dryer pumpkin 6

Once it was cut, I checked to make sure the ends could connect.  I then added hot glue to the edge of one side of the hose and then pressed them together, making sure to hold it for about 1 minute, to make sure it is secure.

dryer pumpkin 7

I then took them outside and painted them with my white spray paint.

The last thing I did was cut a few leaves out of fabric, and found a few sticks in my yard for the stem.

dryer pumpkin 9


dryer pumpkin 8

I hot glued the stick into the middle of the pumpkin and then added the fabric leaves as a fun accent.

dryer vent pumpkin


dryer vent pumpkin 2

Guys, that is it,  It was that easy.  I wish all projects went this smooth.  On top of being super easy, it was quite inexpensive as well!

So, I would say if you are looking for a new way to add some fall flare to your home, this is a great way.

Make an easy dryer vent hose pumpkin!

Looking for some more fall decor?

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    1. Well, I hope you are right! That would be fantastic! Thanks so much! I also walk around Home Depot looking for cool ways to use their stuff. I bet they can spot us a mile away and giggle as we wander the aisles.

  1. What length of tubing did you use to get seven pumpkins from? I’ve seen it available in 8 feet or 25 feet lengths. I need to make 15 centerpieces for a church party. I’m just wondering how much tubing I would need to buy. Thank you!

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