Install a Beverage Cooler In An Existing Cabinet | Giveaway!

Install a beverage cooler in an existing cabinet!

This post has been sponsored by NewAir. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

My husband has always wanted a beverage cooler.  You know, those glass door, fancy looking ones.  Now, keep in mind that we do not drink alcohol, so installing one was never a priority for me.   When I was presented the opportunity to try one out, my husband told me that we had to have it, and I told him, “as long as you find a place in the kitchen”  we could make it work.

And you know what?  He did!  We had 2 trash cabinets in our kitchen , and we decided that we could do without one.

If you want to install a beverage fridge into an existing cabinet you must first check them measurements of the appliance, and then see if there is a place in your kitchen that could work.

We happened to have the perfect spot, and had an outlet inside the island not far from the spot we had chosen.



I chose this beverage cooler from NewAir.   It is a really cool appliance, It:

  • Cools down to a perfect 36 degrees
  • Smart compact design stores up to 96 cans or 58 beer bottles
  • Stainless steel frame and handle are frost free for easy maintenance

My husband was so excited to install this, even though it was going to take a it of work.  I wish he was this excited for all my projects!  Haha!



We started by cutting and taking out the base and top of the cabinet.newair-beverage-fridge4

Since it was the trash cabinet, it was fairly easy since it had just a drawer glide at the bottom that allowed the trash to be pulled in and out.

We had to adjust a few pieces of trim, including a piece for structure for the cabinet next to it.

We were then able to slide the beverage cooler right in.


Now, I have to warn you that I wont have many pretty pictures here, for one reason.  We are doing a quick remodel on the kitchen.  And when I say we, I mean I am.  I told my hubby I could do it myself.

He was happy to oblige.  This project will be the only one he will have to undertake in this crazy project!  Just when I get one project done, I start on another.  newair-beverage-fridge

So, here it is in its new spot.  Lance didn’t waste any time filling this bad boy with root beers, apple beers, sodas, and water.  I’ve never seen him so excited.  Ha!  He was already imagining how awesome it will be to sit back and watch the new Star Trek and snag a beverage out of his new nifty beverage fridge. newair-beverage-fridge3


It has a cool light that you can adjust to any brightness and its easy buttons allow for temperature change.

The shelves can all be installed or you can remove a few.  I have thought it might be nice to take a few out and put my milk in here too!  I think the possibilities are pretty endless.

One more awesome accessory?  It has a lock.  So maybe I don’t want my kids drinking my favorite root beer.  I’ll lock that baby and it will be safe from little fingers.newair-beverage-fridge2

I have to add that there were a two small pieces that we could not identify where they went.  The instruction manual did not have any mention of them, so I will be checking their online information to see if I can learn more.

Other than that, the beverage cooler is pretty fantastic!  I feel like a sophisticated lady with it.  Even if it is filled with cans of soda.

Have you ever wanted to install a beverage fridge into an existing cabinet?  Well, it is totally doable.  I know not all cabinets are made the same, but with a little imagination and ingenuity, you can definitely pull it off!

Install a beverage cooler in an existing cabinet.


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  1. Hi Sara, thank you for sharing this. This is so cool especially the lock feature that it has so that the little ones couldn’t open it and steal my wine loll! I would love to have one like this in our kitchen. Where did you purchase it?

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