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Today is Christmas and I have so much to be thankful for.  My family is healthy and happy.  I have a warm place to lay my head and more than that I have an amazing home to spend time with those I call family and friends.  Over the last month, I have been searching for something.  Something specific.  The Christmas spirit.  I have searched high and low, and had done everything  could to feel the magic that envelopes us at this season. I do not know if it was because of busy schedules, or too many distractions, but I have been unable to focus and feel that spirit of Christmas. That was until a week ago.  The distraction of buying presents, making sweet treats and putting pressure on myself to create the perfect Christmas of my kids was weighing on my shoulders.  I Have three sons that play the violin.  My eldest son( 10 years old) was asked to play 2 songs during our churches Christmas program.  With frantic energy he spent countless hours practicing to make perfect.  When the day finally came and I was sitting in the congregation, I watched as my 10 year old walked up to the front of the room, faced the huge crowd, and along with his teacher, began to play.  I cannot describe to you the peace that filled my body as I listened to this young child of mine play.  As he played “Silent Night” that feeling, the feeling that I have been missing was filling my heart.  I sat there realizing that this is all I really needed to do.  I needed to focus on the reason we celebrate this season.  I needed to enjoy the small things and worry less about the details.

So as we all celebrate Christmas is our own ways today, I am so grateful I am able to spend this day with my sweet little family.  There is nothing better family, especially watching those little ones light up with wonder.

This is ironic as I type this short little post on my new laptop.  Santa was very good to me this year and I am so very excited to see what this next year holds.  I am so very grateful to all of you that stop by, read, and explore my website.  This is truly a dream some true for me.  A dream I never really knew I had.  New opportunities are opening and I could not be more excited.  This new laptop has some amazing features that I cannot wait to explore.  New avenues to share some of my artwork and expand my library of printables.  With my first attempt today, I wanted to share this sweet little printable to you today.


Merry and Bright Printable

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday and I hope that you will slow down a bit and really try to enjoy these days instead of just get through them.  All the best to each and every one of you.  Marry Christmas!


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