Office to Art Studio Day 2


Art Studio Project

Day 2:

Well, I would love to be able to come to you today and show you all the amazing things I got done today.  I think I might have, if I could have made a decision!  The honest, cold, hard truth is, I was paralyzed with indecision.   I woke up this morning with so much intent!  I was excited to get started where I left off last night, and as I sat down to eat some Special K cereal for breakfast, in a quiet house(my baby was at preschool) I realized I was all alone!  Oh so many things I could get done!  Cleaning, touch ups, laundry, a little blogging!  Oh 3 sweet quiet hours.  I am going to be so productive!  Oh, hey I forgot I never watched that new Fixer Upper episode!  I think I’ll just watch it while I gather myself together.  Oh that couch looks so warm and comfy.  I’ll just sit there.  30 minutes later I realized I had fallen asleep and needed to rewind the show.  Okay, wake up time.  I need to get up and exercise and then I can get started on the office.  Ummm, do you see where I am going here?   With all the intent and purpose I was going to get going this morning, only to end up spending 3 hours procrastinating!  Haha.

Listen, not every remodel or project of mine runs perfectly.  This is one of those days I really should pretend never happened, but this is honestly how this stuff works.  Often people comment that I am working constantly and how do I have enough energy to do all the projects I do.  Well, here is your answer.  I spend a nice quiet 3 hour sleep/TV watch/make excuses.  It really gives you a burst of energy.

So, by the time my kids were ready to be picked up from school at 3:00, I had caught up on some pretty great shows, changed into my exercise clothes, sat in the exercise room next to the treadmill and ate my lunch while watching some random show on my Roku.  What?  I was ready to hop on that treadmill when I realized I was starving!  I didn’t want my blood sugar to get too low you know.

I hopped in my car and headed to the school to pick up my kids, only to realize once I was there they had 4H.  I know, this day gets better.   I returned home and thought I really should get something started for dinner.  I really wanted to make soup, so I hopped into Pinterest, and about 45 minutes later it was time to pick up my kids…again.  I got home and started dinner, and then on a whim while my onion and celery were sauteing in the pan, I decided maybe I wanted to white wash the pallet wall in my office.  I quickly whipped up some paint and set at testing it on a few boards

White Washed Pallet wall

Talk about timing.  Why not wait until I am knee deep in soup making to start this.  Besides, I figured I could just sand it down if I didn’t like it.  As I sat looking at the wall with a few whitewashed boards, I started to panic.  Do I want it whitewashed?  Should I keep it the same?   Maybe I should paint it completely white?  Ahh!  I don’t know!  I knew where I could find some help.  I quickly posted a picture on Instagram.  Help me social media.  Take my pains away.  Almost instantly I had about 20 comments confirming the white was a hit.  So it was decided, white it is.

Painted Pallet Wall


Now, this is where it gets dicey.  Hubby comes home.  He cannot see what I am up to yet.  Not yet.  Especially because he came home and told me about how he fell on the ice and had a concussion.  Awesome.  So, the rest of my night has been spent slightly coddling my husband.  And now here I sit, not much further along in my remodel.   I have about 1/5 of the wall painted.  I still havn’t cleaned the concrete completely.  But its okay!  Tomorrow I will wake up ready to get at it!  I will have another 3 hours of peace and quiet while my daughter is in school again, I can get so much done! I just need to make sure that I am not hungry, and that there are no good shows on TV, and I definitely need to stay off of Pinterest.    What can i say, I am wonder woman.  Goodnight!

I will leave you with a few of my inspiration pictures!

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