Office To Art Studio Day 3

Office To Art Studio

Day 3:

Dear Diary, Day three was not quite as bad as day 1 and 2, but it it sure showed its ugly head.   For me, Saturdays have always been about catching up and working on finishing projects.  But guess what, as my kids get older, we spend less time doing that and more time traveling and watching sports games.  This weekend it was basketball…all. day.  Tournament style.  The advantage?  I was able to hit some larger stores in the slightly larger town that the games were being held.  I was able to grab some supplies I needed to keep this project afloat.  I still needed a few items for the concrete.  I needed  some concrete filler for a crack that runs the length of the room and also some concrete patching material to fill in some of the holes where the carpet floor.  I also needed sealer for the floor, to protect the design I have planned to paint. I have decided.  Once I am finished with this project I will then circle back and do some posts featuring specific parts of the project.

Concrete Floor Supplies

When you live in a small town, you kind of have to take what you can get when it comes to supplies.  I was very grateful to find all the items I needed and some that I just wanted.  I was able to grab some more canvas drop cloth.  Did you know that there are many, many different shades that these drop cloths come in.  The previous ones I have purchased had a slight grey color with almost a pink hew in certain lights.  No likey.  This one has an amazingly creamy, perfect white/neutral shade.  I should have purchased more.  I should have had more money to do that too!

So after a full day of games, junk food, shopping and fun we headed home.  I had a few short hours left in the day and I was able to get some much needed work done.  I was able to finish painting my pallet wall, which looks glorious I might add.

Painted Paller Wall

I also needed to touch up all the baseboards, since about the last 1/2 inch of the boards were hidden by the carpet, it needed to be painted.  The last thing I needed to do for the day was work on getting the small amount of carpet glue off the concrete and give the whole floor a good cleaning.  It needs a few more cleaning sessions to get it to where it is ready to be painted on, so I will be working on that again tomorrow.

art studio makeover

SO that is where I am as of today.  I know, not very exciting, right?  Well, my goal with these post are to show the reality of some DIY projects.  Some are super smooth and easy and some are slow going, time consuming, but nonetheless they are extremely rewarding.  I hope you will continue to follow along with my journey to turn my office into my art studio.  I am excited with what the future will hold and the creative moments that will take place in this room. I am excited.

Painted Pallet Wall

Have a great Day!

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