Simple and Neutral Scandinavian Style Holiday Decor

Okay friends, it’s my last “home tour” of the holiday season.  I think I have saved the best for last.  Well, I am partial because I just love my porch.  And this year, once again I am sharing it with a touch of Scandinavian style added in.  Keep on scrolling and see what I have done to create the cozy and simple look I was looking for on my porch and in my entryway! I have completely and utterly fallen in love with Scandinavian style, and last year I shared my take on it around my house for the holidays. I thought, maybe I would want to add something different to my home this year, and yet I kept going back to the same simple and comforting look oof the Scandinavian holiday style. 

Now, I am not an expert in all things Scandinavian, but I do love it so and spend a lot of time studying spaces that are styled in this way.  I love the use of natural elements, fruits and greenery. 

Sometimes I feel conflicted like I need to really go all out filling every square inch with Christmas in order to have something to share.  But I realize that this is what I love and I want to share it the way I want it to be. So here it is…my Scandinavian style holiday porch. I find I am most happy with a couple Christmas trees, some greenery and just a few accessories.   On my porch this year I added a fresh cut tree along with some fresh garland I buy every year from The Home Depot.  I love they look.  Its the perfect accessory for Christmas and I can use it through the winter as well!  The one accent I wanted to highlight this year is my newly found vintage sled. I came across this in a local antiques shop and had to have it.  It is so lovely.  I accented the porch also with some really cute gold trimmed lanterns I found at Walmart.  Aren’t they the perfect Scandi accessory?   Of course I had to use some of my dried orange garlands from last year.  I ended up storing them in a basket from last year and figured if they held up great! For sure, I thought they would have deteriorated.  But they did not! They have just as fresh as they were last year!

I strung a couple on the cute sled as well. There was a bit of the fresh cedar garland left and I decided to make myself a fresh wreath and add a couple bells to it.  I just love how it turned out. Aren’t these bells perfect?  I got them on Amazon. You can get your own here!

I cannot share my porch without my shadow.  This boy is always by my side or where he can at least see me.  He is the best! 

Now let’s check out my Scandinavian style Christmas entryway…. I really struggled with what to do here.  I think as a blogger you want to create something new and amazing every time I show it off for the different seasons.  This time, I went super simple.  Another cute Christmas tree and a homemade swag I made with some leftover cuttings from our tree is all it needed.

I love using simple trees around my house.  I have one in my dining room as well!

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You cant go wrong with a bunch of white pillows and some raw wood.   I love this pine swag, it has definite Scandinavian style in my opinion. The pine bough swag though.  I added some of my dried orange garland as well, just to tie it all in. And that my friends is the end of 2019 home tours for me.  It has been a very crazy busy season with tons of fun holiday projects and decorating plans.  Now, it’s time for me to take a minute to relax and just enjoy it with my family.  

Don’t worry, I will still be sharing some Christmas projects for the next couple weeks including some new 2020 printable calendars so stay tuned for that! For now, check out a few of my friends that are sharing their home as well. &nb

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  1. I love your pretty Scandinavian Christmas style! It’s perfectly simple and cozy. I had no idea that dried oranges would last so long. I think I’m going to make a garland today!

  2. Hi Sara,
    I’m a new subscriber. I love your style and it’s always fun to find a site you’ve never seen. What a huge world the internet opens up for us.
    Thanks for your note of introduction. I look forward to seeing your new posts and more ideas for home. I know I’ll enjoy printing some of your lovely printables.
    Karen B.

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