My Simple and Cozy Christmas Decor in the Dining Room

You may think, umm well you just shared your dining table all dressed up for the holidays..why are you sharing the dining room now? Well, I feel like I needed to share some of my the dining room decor separately.  I love sharing bits and pieces of my home and I feel like my cozy Christmas decor in the dining room needed to be shared on its own.

This year, like years in the past I am keeping things really simple in the dining room, adding a couple trees, focusing on greenery, and simple Scandinavian inspired Christmas ideas.  

Scandinavian Christmas dining room ideas I love to add a few touches to my open shelves when I am decorating for Christmas.  Some years, I have added cute ginger bread houses, this year, I added a couple little trees, inside some super cute wooden bowls I found at Joanns.  I also added my favorite driftwood deer. He was found at Home Goods a couple years ago and I just love him.

Scandinavian Christmas dining room ideas

I wanted to make sure it all blended well with my Scandinavian inspired Christmas table decor.

With simple colors and some luxurious textures, this space evokes coziness.  It’s my cozy Christmas decor.

Cozy Christmas dining room ideas

I love adding a Christmas tree to my dining room.  First of all, I have the room, so why not?  And second, it looks so cozy and festive with it there.   You cannot loose if all you do is add a simple tree to a space.  It instantly gives it a festive feel, and if thats all you add, you cannot go wrong. 

Cozy Christmas dining room ideas

What I love about how I decorated f0r the holidays this year is that I was able to decorate for fall and have it easily transition to winter and Christmas.  I love that the same colors and pieces, such as my beam candle holder and my amber accessories look so gorgeous with my Christmas decor too!

It all works so well with one of my favorite rugs from RugsUSA.

Simply changing out some pumpkins and branches for some evergreen and Christmas trees and it is ready for the holiday season.

Oodles of cozy Christmas decor ideas including cozy dining room decor, Scandinavian inspired Christmas ideas and so much more!

I love to try new things out with my Christmas decor, and I will tell you it is truly difficult to not pull out every Christmas box I have and decorate every square inch.  But, I found long ago that I get a lot of stress  when I over do it.  I get anxious feeling closed in with all the stuff and having to dust and keep up with it makes me want the light a match and watch it burn.

Oodles of cozy Christmas decor ideas including cozy dining room decor, Scandinavian inspired Christmas ideas and so much more!

Staying true to what I know works for me allows me to enjoy the holiday season just a little bit more.  I love seeing the simple twinkle lights from the trees, the evergreen cuttings used around the house to add more of the festive feel. It has cozy Christmas written all over it.

Oodles of cozy Christmas decor ideas including cozy dining room decor, Scandinavian inspired Christmas ideas and so much more!

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I want to feel the cozy Christmas vibes when December hits.  To sit by the fire and listen to the Christmas music.  I want to feel the warmth and the magic of the season.  What are your favorite things to do to give yourself a cozy Christmas feel?

Are you ready for more Christmas  love?  I will be sharing all the rest of December!

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