Spring Entryway Decor Ideas

As we move from winter, it is easy to transition into spring.  If you are looking for spring entryway decor inspiration, you are in the right place.

Shiplap, a vintage church pew, straw hats, an adorable dog pillow and a custom piece of artwork makes this spring entryway decor stand out!

I am so excited to be here today!  I am thrilled to get to join up with some seriously talented bloggers for a spring home tour!  And, I am excited to show you my spring entryway decor!  If you are visiting from Shine Your Light, welcome!  I am so happy to have you here!   And a huge thanks to Monica from Monica Wants It for setting up the whole home tour blog hop!

I feel that as I am writing this, I am becoming a walking contradiction.  As I prepare and rearrange my home in preparation for warmer and more mild weather, the weather has not gotten the memo. 

It is so cold, and blustery today, and we are expecting a snow storm within the next day or so. I guess you could say the lion is still here, and it is as angry as can be.

Its days like this that I really find creating a more bright and inviting space helps me get through these last few months of winter blues.   I live where there is a chance of snow all the way into May, and we have even gotten a snow storm in June.  So, I don’t want to count my chic’s until they have all hatched…(hows that for spring)

The first place I like to decorate for spring is my entryway.   Our entryway is the first impression that everyone gets of our home.  Whether you have a large entryway or a small/nonexistent entryway in your home, there are things you can do to create an inviting feel to your home with style.

I feel pretty lucky to have a decent sized entryway.  However, my entry is a very difficult place to decorate.  I have found this to be true after many years of trying to get just the right look.  

We have a half wall where our stairs come in contact, and other than that we have one other small wall that I can set up.  Last year, I did a quick entry makeover for under $100 dollars, which created a much more stylish and functional space for our family.  I was also able to create an almost room feel to this space.  

Now, adding spring entryway decor is what I am all about these days.  I have been spending much of my time these days painting.  I have been creating and brainstorming for months, and I have had so many ideas on what kind of artwork I wanted to create.  And soon…..I will have an online shop with many of my original artworks and prints available for sale …but not yet.

The reason I tell you about this is, that one of my artworks was the inspiration for this space.  Well, that, and a really cute dog pillow!

Love this dog pillow in this spring entryway! So adorable!

The other day, I was scrolling through my photos on my phone looking for inspiration for my next painting and I noticed I had many photographs of green fields, mountains, and lakes, dotted with trees.  It was so enjoyable to see all the amazing places we had been throughout the last year.  And I had an idea.  I decided to create a series of artwork, displaying these places we have been…all with one element that connected them.  The color green.  

I think after not seeing green in our landscape for the past 6 months has really got me wanting some of it in my life.  

And, since I have been changing up my home’s decor just a bit(adding a bit more modern) it was the perfect accent to go with my simple neutral farmhouse decor.

So, over the weekend I created my first painting in this series.  

OMG! I need this painting in my life right now!

I was instantly in love!  Sometimes I paint a painting and like it at the time, but as I look at it, I find things I do not like, and colors I wished I would have added.  Not so with this baby.

It was exactly what I had in my mind. 

OMG! I need this painting in my life right now! This spring entryway is amazing! #TwelveOnMain #springdecor #spring #entrydecor

The dark green mountains and trees bleed into the sift green grass and water.  It was inspired by a local fishing spot that we frequent in the summer.  

I wanted this painting to be smaller than my normal ones, and thought the small size would be the perfect accent to my spring entryway decor. 

So, this green….this green….this….is what I used to inspire the rest of the space.

Shiplap, a vintage church pew, straw hats, an adorable dog pillow and a custom piece of artwork makes this spring entryway decor stand out! #TwelveOnMain #springdecor

I was out of town a few days ago, taking my kids to violin lessons and I came across this amazingly adorable dog pillow at TJ Maxx. I was so smitten with it, I knew it had to come home with me.  Now, this is a big deal.  Why?  Well, I am generally not someone to add touches of whimsy and cute to my decor.  I like stripes and plaids, whites and leather, rustic wood, and shiplap.  

But, here’s the thing.  If we cannot have fun with our home’s decor, why on earth are we putting so much effort into decorating it?  I want to walk into a room and spot something that makes me happy and nostalgic.  

If only I could have found a pillow like this with a German Shepherd, life would be complete.  But, this cute hound dog/Beagle will do just fine.  And since I have a husband who is not too keen on dogs, this makes it all the more fun to add this pillow to my entryway decor.  I am just evil aren’t I?

With my entryway decor, I had some staples that I keep in the space.  My antique church pew, jute rug, and peg coat and hat rack are 3 items that have been, and will stay for quite a while.  

Shiplap, a vintage church pew, straw hats, an adorable dog pillow and a custom piece of artwork makes this spring entryway decor stand out!

I added a cute little hanging pot and some of my favorite straw hats to the peg and coat rack.  

Shiplap, a vintage church pew, straw hats, an adorable dog pillow and a custom piece of artwork makes this spring entryway decor stand out!

The accents are simple, and inexpensive. 

Amazing spring entryway decor ideas this way!!!

Yet, they evoke exactly what I want people to see when they arrive in my home.  A welcome, relaxed space, where they can be them selves and feel comfortable.  My home is not a museum, and its not sterile.  Its a home that is lived in.  It is a home that memories are made.  And, I added a clock for my husband, since he complains that we currently do not have one in our home.  Why do I need one when I have an apple watch and a phone in my pocket.

My spring entryway decor is a reflection of what I love.  Simple and uncomplicated with a touch of whimsy.

Check out this adorable dog pillow in this spring entryway! Be inspired to create your own spring entryway decor today! #TwelveOnMain #springdecor #entryway

I love that I get to share those memories here with you, and I hope that you enjoy seeing these spaces.  I hope that they inspire you to create a beautiful space for yourself.  

Spring entryway decor doesn't have to be obvious and in your face. Just add a few simple touches to create a spring oasis in your home.

I often feel that my home is a reflection of myself.  I express my moods and desires through my homes decor.  


See anything that you have to have?  I’ve rounded up and exact and similar items to create the look!  I have looked high and low to find my beloved dog pillow but had no luck, so I found some other fun pillows that would be an awesome addition to your home!

Now,  head on over to A Brick Home, and check out their amazing spring decor!  And make sure to check out all the other participants below and be inspired by all the amazing spring decor!


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  1. Sara you are so talented! I love the art you created for this space! Your entry is so pretty and welcoming. Someday soon spring will be here for both of us!

  2. Sara, I completely agree with you that spring forgot to tell the cold weather that it needs to get out the door. We woke to fresh snow this morning and they’re saying a possible storm by the end of the week. I’m so ready for it to be gone! I love your new artwork! It’s perfect for this area, and that dog pillow is the cutest. Gorgeous room!

  3. I love the simplicity and calmness of your entryway, Sara! The painting you painted is the perfect touch. I love the pop of green in it, perfect for spring. Can’t wait to check out your new online shop when it’s up for viewing. 🙂


  4. I’m drooling over your landscape! You are so talented, and I think you need to sell prints of that beauty, because I know a ton of us would want one of our own. Beautiful styling all around!

  5. I love your entry it definitely has a warm and welcome vibe. It would certainly make me smile and why shouldn’t people enter and be ready to have a good time. Thanks and you have a great picture.

  6. That painting is just beautiful and I’m so excited for you to sell your artwork! You ar so talented my friend. Lovely touches of Spring in the foyer and the beagle is adorable!

  7. I absolutely LOVE that bench and your entryway makeover. Thanks for sharing it with us at the Waste Not Wednesday link party. Can’t wait to see what you are up to this week.

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