Summertime Craft Supply Giveaway!

Well its time once again!  I have teamed up with some fantastic bloggers to do a craft supply giveaway!  We like to do this quarterly so that to give you something each season.  Since it is still summer, I wanted to give away a few items that can be used for the summer and into the late fall as well. Some of it can also be used throughout the year as well.  


Check out this craft supply giveaway and see if you can win it!


This craft supply giveaway if a fun one!  I love to combine some craft supply items along with some decor pieces and junk pieces.


This craft supply giveaway has:

  • collection of frosted glass paint
  • Plush fabric paint

So many great items available in this craft supply giveaway!

  • a super cute wood picture frame that you can customize
  • a 4 pack of small moss balls
  • large 6 inch moss ball

Get these moss balls in this quarters craft supply giveaway!

  • large bad of reindeer moss for more craft projects
  • 3 fashion embroidery kits

Check out this awesome craft supply giveaway!

This adorable pillow is included in our craft supply giveaway!

  • Old Galvanized Flowers and Garden bucket

What a great chance to win all these items in a craft supply giveaway with Twelve On Main

There are so many great things you could use these craft supplies for!  I often second guess myself and think maybe I should keep it for myself, but then I remember how happy it makes me to give to you, and that makes it okay.  

I want to pass along some good luck, and look forward to seeing who wins the giveaway!

Enter the craft supply giveaway below

This giveaway runs from Sunday July 14 at 6 am EST until July 22 at Midnight.  It is only available to residents of the United States.  You must be at least 18 years of age to enter.

I am so excited to see who wins!  Now, make sure you check out these other great craft supply giveaways that are involved!

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I hope you have fun entering into these contests, and really look forward to seeing who wind!


  1. This is a wonderful opportunity that you all are offering us and it is greatly appreciated. I sure hope I win. I’ll continue to follow all of you that I can and try to learn to pretend to understand your talents and replicate them lol. Thanks very much.

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