The Best Way To Make A Sharpie Pillow

Listen up!  I have found the best way to make a sharpie pillow!  Well, in my opinion at least!  Often times when I am creating a pillow with sharpie markers, I really like to create a freehand design.  This how to is a specific method for a specific style pillow. The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

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Here are the supplies I used for this project:
Canvas Cotton Drop Cloth
Super Permanent Marker- 12 pack
Omnigrid 15-Inch-by-15-Inch Quilter’s Square
Glass Head Multicolor Pins, 150-Pack
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 | PC Download
ELMERS X-Acto #2 Knife with Cap
Cutting Mat

Before I get started with the instructions on how to create the sharpie design on the pillow, I thought I would tell you how I created the pillow case.  I purchased drop cloth from my local hardware store.  I cute the fabric to size and created an envelope style pillow cover.

Once I had the pillow cover made I moved on to the word design.  I used my Microsoft Surface Book   along with my Microsoft Office Home Download to create the wording for this.  It is interesting the way that Microsoft is doing their office program, instead of purchasing the program, you purchase a one year subscription.  The great thing about this is that you can share the download with other computers in your household or people that you want to share, with a limit of 4 I believe.

So on to the wording.

I picked a style that had a slightly taller, and square shape to the edges of the letters.  I have a link here to a printable of the word RELAX, so that if you want to print it off, its the exact size I used on my pillow, and if you want to create one it will make it that much easier.  Once I had the letters printed out, I started to cut them out with the  X-acto knife.  This was easy and quite painless, and it creates a much cleaner and precise line.

The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

The only part that was hard for me to do was to cut the rounded parts of the

The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

I cut each letter out and set them aside.
The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

Once they were all cut out, I pinned them onto the pillow.  I centered it in the pillow and made sure they were each distanced correctly before pinning them down.

The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

Relax.  Its not that hard.

The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

I outlined each letter with my sharpie marker.  I used a light hand to do this.  I didn’t want a solid line.  I promise, this is the best way to make a sharpie pillow.

The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

You then get to color it in!  Who doesn’t like to color!  Adult coloring books are all the rage these days, just imagine that is what you are creating.

The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

Can you see the light hand?  If you want it to be more solid, you definitely can, but I wanted a more distressed look.

The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

I then measured in from each side to create two stripes on each side.  The inner stripe was 1/2 inch wide and the outer stripe was 1/4 inch.

The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

Guess what you get to do now.  Color them in!

The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

Here it is all done!  I then ran it over with an iron for a bit to get rid of some of those wrinkles and form what I hear, a little heat is good to set the Sharpie marker.

The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

The last step is to insert the pillow form into the cover.  Super Easy.

The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

This pillow made its way into my family room loft.  This is where we come to RELAX.  It’s where my kids spend their Friday nights.  Every Friday night without fail, they spend it having a sleep over in this room.  The great thing about this type of pillow cover is that it is extremely kid friendly.



The best way to make a Sharpie pillow |

I hope you agree that this is the best way to make a sharpie pillow.  Its not the only way, that is for sure.  If by chance you have an amazing set of letter stencils in the right size, that would definitely be easier, but my stencil collection is not quite vast enough to have said letters.   This is a great way to add an amazing pillow to your home decor without spending very much money.  I even reused the pillow insert from another pillow that I had grown tires of.   Try it out.  I promise you can do it!

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  1. Never done a sharpie pillow before… wondering if it would be okay for sleeping on. wanted to do one for my son’s bedroom but am picturing him waking up with sharpie on his face!

  2. Hi Sarah, I’m so glad I found your post! I have just made my own pillow and it turned out fabulous so thank you! I’d like to do a link back to your post and give you full credit for this technique if that is okay? Kind regards, Julie @ Restyle

  3. Wouldn’t it be easier to use the paper with the letters already cut out rather than the cutout letters since the letters are already lined up? Then trace inside the cut out like a stencil?

  4. Iโ€™m going to try this…itโ€™s so cute, I just have a question, will the sharpie โ€œbleed โ€œ if you use a different fabric.
    I was thinking of using a prainters drop cloth.

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