Thrift Store Farmhouse Bowl

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Thrift Store Farmhouse Bowl

A few months ago, I came across a pretty but plain wooden bowl at a thrift store. It was a really nice piece.  I thought it would go nicely in my home as is.  Only, once I set it up, I found it clashed with just about everything else I had.  I have this weird things about too many different kinds of wood in one space.  Between my hardwood floors, rustic barnwood, and raw reclaimed wood, this one just took it over the edge.  It was time to create this thrift store farmhouse bowl.

thrift store farmhouse bowl 4

thrift store farmhouse bowl 5

Please don’t hate me for what I did next.  I spray painted it…white.   Hey, I am nothing if not consistent.  Two coats of spray paint and it was ready for the next step.

I am kind of obsessed with using those farmhouse style numbers in my home decor.  I decided this bowl needed a little bit of that.   After it was done drying I printed off  a No. 4 on my computer.

thrift store farmhouse bowl 6

I cute the number and letters out and placed them where I wanted them to be.  I then flipped the number and letters over and outlines the shapes with pencil.  Yes, this is a transfer method.

thrift store farmhouse bowl 9

thrift store farmhouse bowl 8

Once it was all colored in, I flipped them back over and placed them in the bowl again.  I traced them onto the bowl.

thrift store farmhouse bowl 7

Like so.  I could have taped it, but it was such a small amount that I just held it in place.

thrift store farmhouse bowl 10

The next step was to paint inside the lines.  You know, like we did in school.

And here it is all done.  Simple as that.
farmhouse bowl2

How fun is it that you can fill it with decor of any kind and then there is that little surprise underneath.

farmhouse bowl 4

It is also great to set up as a piece of farmhouse decor itself.

farmhouse bowl

This style of bowl just makes more sense in my home.  I had never planned on using it in the kitchen with food, so I was not concerned with making it food grade.  It will always be a nice decor piece.  Not to be used.

thrift store farmhouse bowl

I love taking old and unwanted items and giving them a new and transformed life.  This thrift store farmhouse bowl is exactly what I was hoping for.  The farmhouse goodness oozes out of it.

Thanks for hopping over and seeing what was happening at Twelve On Main.

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  1. I will be copying this for sure! Giving my bedroom a bit of a romantic rustic look and this will fit right in as a place to collect jewelry and such at the end of the day! Now, to find the right bowl πŸ™‚

  2. I love painted things with numbers on them. I actually bought a large number stencil but I like your transfer method! I like that you didn’t distress the bowl….it looks so fresh and clean.

  3. I love it Sara! Love it love it love it! So simple and so pretty! It looked great before as well, but now it’s just super nice!

  4. Sara, that bowl is simply adorable!! I am always amazed how much an object can change with some paint. It fits perfectly in your decor

  5. I love how you took this simple wooden bowl and made it awesome. It would look great in our kitchen hutch!

    We loved this project so much that we have featured it at The DIY Collective this week!

    {Big hugs} and thanks for sharing!
    ~ Ashley

  6. HI there! I’m a little confused about this transfer method. I’m not sure how the pencil on the back and tracing the outline on the front works to transfer it? Does it just transfer the pencil to the bowl and leave an outline because you rub it on with the pen?

  7. Seemed like every time for while I went to thrift store was seeing all kinds of great wood bowls, now that I want one can’t find anymore, drat.
    Love what you did with your bowl, the letters and # are perfect. Why do owe love words and #’s on things?
    Like that you painted bowl white,hey it’s your bowl, why not? looks great. I love seeing what people can do with old “stuff”.
    Happy Easter

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