Farmhouse Industrial Coffee Table Styling Ideas

A few weeks ago I was approached by an amazing company Chairish, to style one of their coffee tables way I wanted.  Haha, challege accepted.   Farmhouse industrial coffee table was on the menu.  Creating a storyboard is almost one of my favorite things to do.  I love bringing items together and creating something stylish and desirable.

Create a fantastic farmhouse industrial style coffee table with these ideas! |


As many of you know, I love me some farm house style.  Their industrial style wood and metal coffee table was just the piece I wanted to start with.  I started by souring through some of my favorite home decor shopping sites and was quickly able to find more than enough pieces to style with.  Did I mention that this was so fun.  Really, I am not even lying.  I loooove doing this type of thing.  Anyone that wants this done, you just come to me!  I think the next best thing would be shopping and styling someones home for them.  Now, that I cannot even imagine.

Custom Coffee Table with Metal Top |

This is the coffee table I picked.  It is a custom wood base with a metal top.  The cross members on each side are such a nice accent and really personify that farmhouse style in my opinion.

So, I wanted to create a calm, farmhouse feel with a touch of industrial flair.  I started by looking through  They have some really great products.


This was the first thing I came across.  I love this.  I need this for my house, or maybe ten.  Once I find a few things that I will use as my base items I can move on to smaller supporting pieces.  One other items crossed my path that I could not live without.  This galvanized metal container was just the right amount of industrial style I needed.



Now to soften it up a bit and add some feminine touches.


I found this throw blanket at and the color and design is just right for what I wanted.  My plan is to fold the blanket lengthwise, lay it across one side of the table and set my galvanized container on top.  I love combining textures like this together.

I added some old french books, a few plants, some antique glass containers and some more modern white jars.

Each item is numbered and you can check out my list to see where it is all from.  I know many of these things are in my shopping cart right now.

Create a fantastic farmhouse industrial style coffee table with these ideas! |


      1.   Surya Mack Throw | Target
      2.  French Wood Garden Trug |
      3.   Six round decorative ceramic balls-blue  |  Target
      4.   1 Quart Mason Jars in bisque finish  (also comes in 1 Pint) | Target
      5.   Blooming Spring 26 Pussy Willow Spray-Cream |
      6.   Antique English Glass Bottles-0 Set of 6 |
      7.   Industrial Steel Storage Drawer Bin  | Chairish
      8.   Boxwood Topiary | Target
      9.   Vintage French Paperback Books |

I thought I would kind of draw up how I wanted to use these items.  On the right side of the table I would drape folded blanket across.  On top of the blanket I would place the french garden trug(2) and arrange my ceramic decorative balls(3) inside of it.  On the left side of the table I would add the industrial steel storage drawer(7) I would arrange the collection of antique English bottles(6).  To the right of the industrial storage container, I would place my vintage french paperback books(9) and set the faux boxwood topiary on top.  I may aff a few of the paperbacks into the steel storage bin in case the stack is too high.  It is nice to spread the love around.  I would add the two bisque mason jars(4) just to the left of the throw and garden trug.  adding a few of the blooming pussy willows(5) to the jars will add a little touch of spring, along with the boxwood plant.


Each of these items adds a unique element of interest.  I love the combination of all of these items together.  Man, I wish I had the actual table in my home.  I could have so much fun with it.  My goal for this styling was to achieve a balance for old world farmhouse with some more modern updated and industrial style finishes.  Do you think I achieved that look?

I do think I need to have this, in my home, now.


Thanks for stopping by and remember……

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