30 Farmhouse Nightstands That Will Transform Your Bedroom

I think we all love a having a cozy bedroom atmosphere, where we can escape from the craziness of the day.  There are things you can do to create a cozy and functional space that is stylish and fits your needs.  One thing you can do is add nightstands to the sides of your bed.  Adding farmhouse nightstands is a wonderful way to bring the farmhouse decor into your space without going overboard.

30 stylish farmhouse nightstands that can transform your space!

Are you a fan of the farmhouse style?  Don’t worry, I am not asking you to transform your whole space with cows and chickens, or shiplap and galvanized metal!  Maybe you like the primitive or farm style look without going overboard.  I find that using raw woods, or finished pieces with a soft white, blue or black are an easy way to bring a bit of the farmhouse style to your room.

How to choose the right farmhouse nightstands:

Using found objects in your homes decor is another wonderful way to add farmhouse style.  This is what I did with my farmhouse nightstand.  I transformed an old ladder into a farmhouse nightstand This is just one of many different possibilities of what you could do for a nightstand in your bedroom.  

In addition to adding unique pieces as bedside tables, like my ladder nightstand, you can also add mismatched pieces. I find that having two different nightstands that compliment each other in some way is a wonderful way to make your bedroom look as if you have slowly collected pieces instead of bought it all off a showroom floor.  

We combined two different nightstands together and I really love the way they look together.  We have our ladder nightstand, and a white farmhouse nightstand that I painted.  You can see how I painted it HERE.

Choosing farmhouse nightstands for your bedroom can be difficult.  Make sure to keep these things in mind when looking for furniture:

  • What are the colors in my bedroom?
  • Do I want something that will last, if I repaint or get new furnishings on my bed, etc?
  • Is there a shade of wood that will compliment my other furniture?
  • Do I want painted or a stained wood farmhouse nightstand?
  • What is the functionality of my farmhouse nightstands?
  • Is my bed tall or low?  This will help you know what size nightstand you may need.  Scale is important to consider
  • How much space do I have on either side of the bed?  If you have a restricted space, make sure you measure the space and the farmhouse nightstand.

All of these questions can be very valuable when looking for the perfect piece of furniture for your bedroom.  I asked myself these questions and here are my answers:

  • My colors are whites, raw woods, and soft blues
  • I want something that will be neutral enough to use with other colors if I decide to paint in the future
  • Maybe a lighter shade of wood, maybe weathered wood, would look good with my other furniture, flooring and beams on the ceiling
  • Painted and stained nightstands is what I am looking for, and I don’t want them to match.  
  • I need my farmhouse nightstands to be able to store my cell phone, books, and have the option to set a glass of water or other small trinkets.  I also do a lot of work with my laptop on my bed so I want to be able to have a space to set my laptop. (these were things I considered when thinking about doing a ladder nightstand)
  • My bed is slightly taller than the usual bed, so I want to make sure I measure the top of my mattress to make sure that my farmhouse nightstands come close to that height.
  • I am limited in space. We can only have a table that is 16 inches wide on my side of the bed and  a nightstand that is 24-26 inches on my husbands side.  

Believe it or not, these simple questions will help you to narrow down what kind of nightstand you can put in your space so that when you go to shop for one, you will know to look for specific details, for example:

I need to look for a bed side table that is ## inches tall and ##inches wide….. also I need to make sure it has a drawer for hiding my personal items. We are looking for a farmhouse nightstand that is ###color.

I promise if you try these simple tips when choosing furniture, it will make your life so much easier!  Now, do you want to see some pretty fantastic farmhouse nightstands? 

I have collected over 30 beautiful farmhouse nightstand options that you can peruse through.

Simply click on the image to be taken directly to the source of the nightstand:



So, tell me….do any of these farmhouse nightstands speak to you?  I am really loving the Hooker furniture with the embellished fronts.  So beautiful!  Obviously I love raw wood and all the wood pieces are lovely as well!

I hope that this collection offers some inspiration and if you are trying to decide what to use in your own room, that you will now be able to find just the right piece for your space.

Make sure that you save this post for later and make sure that you share it with others.  Sharing is caring, and that is how I make this whole blogging thing work!  I depend on you, my wonderful readers!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Over 30 stylish farmhouse nightstands that will take your bedroom from blah to amazing!  Plus bonus tips on how to choose the right nightstand for your room! #TwelveOnMain #farmhouse #farmhousedecor #homedecor

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