Boho Farmhouse Style Girls Reading Nook Ideas

Are you looking for a way to encourage more reading in your home?  Maybe you want to create a space in your child’s room that encourages them to become a bit more independent.  Or possibly, like me, you are desperately looking for a way to get your child to sleep in their own bedroom night after night.   Creating a space just for my daughter was the solution, and I want to show you how we created a cozy reading nook just for here, complete with a bit of a Boho style to it.

How to create a cozy reading nook for your child or teen!

A few weeks ago, I started making over my daughters bedroom.  I knew it was time to give her more of a reason to spend time in her own room, especially at bedtime. 

We have found with my other children, that if we spent a little time and effort creating a space that they just could not resist, they were more inclined to want to sleep there and spend time there.

Boho farmhouse inspired little girls bedroom with white bedding, a black metal bed, a canvas teepee and a hanging chair!

The first things I did was spend some time painting my daughters bed, changing some things around the room and creating an inviting reading nook complete with a teepee and a hanging chair.

My thoughts when creating this space was to make sure it was something that could grow with her.  At almost 7 years old, she was ready for a bit more of a mature look, but still not too mature.

I found the coolest teepee on Amazon...and funny enough, my daughter had asked for one for Christmas so I made sure that is one of the things she got.  She also asked for a hanging chair for her room…which I thought was awesome. 

I wanted to make sure that I chose something that would look attractive and still age appropriate for her room. The first choice was a neutral style chair and teepee so that I could use the accents and such to add more style.  I sat down with my daughter and we looked through pictures on Pinterest to find a style that she loved.  And lo and behold, she loved the Boho style!  I was so thrilled.

Create a cozy reading nook with a few simple items and customize away!

I planned to make sure that I combined the Boho style with the farmhouse style that I still have throughout my home.  Its really important to choose your base pieces and be mindful of choosing something that can be a Chameleon piece of furniture.  Something that can work in many situations.

The teepee I bought was almost 6 feet tall, which was so fun, since it was pretty large, my daughter was able to create a place where she and her bothers can hang out together. She can also snuggle with her daddy at bedtime in the tent and feel safe.  This is one of her favorite things to do.

So, we arranged the teepee and the hanging chair in one corner of the room.  We wanted them to be close enough to each other to create a cozy space that she could pop back and forth from one to the other. 

Pallet bookshelves hold our daughters books in her cozy boho style reading nook.

To create the reading nook vibe we wanted, we hung some pallet book shelves on the wall.  We decided to hang them high enough that they will grow with her.  Right now they are a bit high for her, but eventually they will be just right.  Thats okay though, we usually spend our reading time together at this point so I can easily get the books for her.  She also keeps a stack in her teepee sometimes so she can easily access them.  

Cozy boho style girls reading nook, complete with a teepee and a hanging chair!

But man…..that hanging chair.  That is where its at.  She absolutely loves it.  If she could swing in her hanging chair all day everyday, she would be content.  She has even tried getting dressed in it….which didn’t work out so well for her haha!

I grounded the space with a fun Boho style rug I got at TJ Maxx.  The color and pattern was the perfect addition and pop of color that the room needed.   

I also added some dropcloth curtains to her room.  You can see how easy they are to make here.

Gorgeous Boho style rug in a little girls roomEven our big old dog loves hanging out in here.  I often catch him snuggling my daughter in her teepee.

Boho style reading nook

We filled the teepee with pillows and cozy blankets and even added some twinkle lights to the top of the tent.   All these things were done to give my daughter an place where she can feel safe, daydream, read, play, and just spend time.

Boho style reading nook with a teepee and a hanging chair!

This reading nook was a fun addition to my daughters room and I find her in there daily sitting in her chair, swinging, reading books and so much more.

I even find myself snuggling with her in the chair reading together.  It is such a fun space and she has been so thrilled with her new bedroom, I love seeing her enjoying it.

I need to express how inexpensive it was do to this also.  The cost of the tent and the hanging chair was super reasonable, I think I spent about 120 dollars for the two of them.  Add in the 39 dollar rug and the free pallet book shelves and it was really worth the money to create this reading nook space for my daughter.

The book shelves were really easy to make.  I made them years ago, before I even thought of blogging so I don’t have a tutorial on them.   I thought I could explain them a bit.

Pallet style book shelves in the reading nook

We literally cut the pallet in 3 pieces.  We cut right down through the cross pieces.  Imagine these shelves sitting on the ground as a pallet, you can see the middle piece is now vertical.  All we had to do was add a bottom piece so that the books stayed inside the shelves.  A little sanding and they were done. They were a really easy project.

They were also the perfect addition to my daughters reading nook.

I have to say, I wish I had a room like this when I was a little girl.  I can imagine how much time I would spend imagining, playing, and enjoying my time.

I cannot get enough of this little girls room! Love the cozy boho style reading nook!

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to create a reading nook in your child’s room.  There are so many ways that you could create a space just for them without spending a lot of money.

I’ve done you a good deed and have collected all the items I used in this reading nook and have left them below for you.  Check them out!

Love this Boho farmhouse inspired girls bedroom! Love the pallet bookshelves, dropcloth curtains, hanging chair and teepee!

What do you think?  You think you would have enjoyed this as a kid?  Heck I thoroughly enjoy it as an adult!

Have you created a reading nook in your home?  I’d love to hear about it!

I love this boho farmhouse style reading nook complete with a large canvas teepee and a hanging chair!


  1. Hi, do you have a list of paint colors used in your house? I saw SW Greek villa on the living room. Is that that same color used throughout? I love your style and your name!
    Thank you!

  2. I love this room! You did a beautiful job and I will definitely be incorporating these ideas into our homeschool room! Can you share the pain color used in here? It’s perfect!

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