The Perfect DIY Laundry Folding Table

DIY Laundry Folding Table

Last spring I participated in the One Room Challenge and for it, I remodeled my laundry room.  I have had many people as about the laundry folding table we built-in that room.  So today, finally, I am posting how we built this DIY laundry folding table!


DIY Laundry Folding Table

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with do it yourself projects, but this laundry folding table is a really simple plan and is completely customizable.

When I thought about what I wanted my laundry folding table to be, I knew I wanted it to be able to house 3 laundry baskets underneath the laundry table.

So, we customized this laundry storage table and built it exactly how we wanted it.  That’s the beauty of DIY projects or DIY home decor ideas.  You can create exactly what you want.

This table is broken down in to three parts:

  • base shelves
  • 2 table legs
  • butcher block countertop

Now I will break down how we built the shelf base.

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Here are the supplies we used for the  shelf:

Now you need to cut your 3/4 inch plywood into these sizes:

There will be 6 pieces total.


Here are the drawings for how to build the shelf in our DIY laundry folding table.

Now you want to start to assemble the shelf.  If you have someone there to help hold it, this will be much easier.

  1.  Hold the two vertical pieces that are 21 by 35 1/2.  Secure the first 18 by 21 inch piece to the top.  I like to add a few nails with my nomadic nailer just to secure it.  I then pre-drilled two holes in each side and then secured it with my screws.
  2.   Now add the bottom shelf three inches from the bottom.  Secure it the same way.
  3.   Then measure 15 inches up from the bottom shelf and secure the middle shelf the same way.

Use these drawings to create your own DIY laundry folding table.

The next step is to attach the back piece.

Use these drawings to create your very own DIY laundry folding table. Its so easy!

Screw it into the plywood along the edges.  Then secure it where the shelves hit the back piece as well.

These drawings made this DIY laundry folding table so easy to make!

The last step is to apply some trim to the base and the edge of the shelves.  Take a 1/4 inch by 3 inch piece of wood and measure to make sure it is the correct length for the front of the shelf.  Nail this on.  Then measure the side piece, cut it and secure with nails.

Here is my shelf in place:

It is in the background of the picture, up against the wall.

This DIY laundry folding table is on its way! We got the bottom shelf built! DIY laundry storage.

I then painted the shelf and sanded some of the edges to give this DIY laundry folding table a rustic, worn look.

I painted and antiqued my DIY laundry folding table.

Now that this shelf base is done, its time to get the other side of the table ready.

The Table Legs for the DIY laundry folding table:

It took me a minute to find the right height table legs for this project.  But I did and I can share it with you!

Get the perfect height table legs here!

We added table legs to our DIY laundry folding table.

Put your shelf base in the exact spot that it will be staying.  This is where you will decided how long you need your countertop to be. I decided mine would be 88 inches long.  This will obviously depend on the size of your room and how long you want it to be.  I wanted mine long enough that I could fit three laundry baskets under it.  So, make sure you take that into consideration when planning the space.

We used butcher block countertops that we made for this installation.  It is strong enough to span that length. You can easily purchase some pre made countertops.

I cut my table legs the same height as the shelf which was 35 1/2 inches.

I laid my countertop on the shelf on one end and then set the table legs under the countertop to make sure it was level.  The are not secure at this point.  If everything looks good, you are ready to secure the ledger board under the countertop.

Our DIY laundry folding table is almost done! It will be such a functional piece in this room!


We added a ledger board to our DIY laundry folding table to help strengthen the butcher block.

This will run between the shelf on one side and the table legs on the other side.  It will be what you secure the countertop to along the wall.

I cut mine out of plywood.  It was 1 inch wide, 2 inch deep, and 64 inches long.

Secure it into the studs in the wall at the same height that the shelf and table legs are, which was 35 1/2.   But it might be a little different depending on the flooring you have.

I then cut a piece of 2” by 4” wood and secured it in between the 2 table legs.  Then I added a block to the 2” by 4” piece of wood that the counter top will be secured into from underneath.

This DIY laundry folding table is a great DIY project and one anyone can do!
Click the image to find the prefect height table legs!

Secure the counter top from underneath through the ledger board and into the counter top.  I secured the legs into the countertop through the top.  Then we drilled a holes through the butcher block and screwed into the table legs.   Now we filled the holes with wood putty and sealed the whole top anyways.


This DIY laundry folding table is such a beautiful addition to my laundry room!

So it’s up to you how you really want to secure the top.  You really don’t necessarily need to secure it along the wall, but it is more safe this way.

Once this is done, its time to add some laundry baskets underneath this laundry folding table and start doing some laundry!

 You can make some laundry baskets like mine here!

Or you can buy your own farmhouse laundry baskets:

What do you think of my handmade DIY laundry folding table?  I have truly loved it!  It has made doing laundry so much easier!  I will say that I still let the laundry stack up, because simply…I hate doing laundry.  But, this table is so pretty, it makes doing laundry a little bit more pleasant.  
Are you looking for an easy and customizable DIY laundry folding table? This one is perfect!

Its been 3 years since I made my DIY laundry baskets and they are still holding up strong!  They have been wonderful and I am so glad I ended up making some instead of buying some!

This DIY laundry folding table is the perfect DIY project!

The baskets have been a great source of storage for our swimming gear, hunting gear and other general stuff.  Its nice to have a place to store them thats out of the way and not used for any other reason.

This DIY laundry folding table has great storage!



This DIY laundry table may seem daunting, but it really was pretty easy to build.  If you don’t have a table saw, you can always have the associates at your local hardware store cut your wood.  Most of them will do this.

I hope that you like this Do it yourself tutorial.  It has been a long time coming and I am so glad I finally got it posted!  What I love about this DIY laundry folding table is the massive amounts of customization that can be done to it.  You can make the shelf base more narrow if you have less space to work with.  It’s a great do it yourself project.

You can also shorten the length of the table to fit whatever size you need it to be. That is what I love about this project.  Its so customizable depending on your laundry room size and layout.

Now, make sure that you pin this and share away!!  I love it when you do that!

Make sure to check out all the product and decor items I used in my laundry room:

This DIY laundry folding table is a great DIY project or home project for the beginner or novice!

Have a great day!

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  1. Gorgeous! I love your style!!! Whenever we built our house, I asked my dad for a folding table for the laundry room. He thought I meant a “table that folds”….so now I have a folding table that actually folds! 🙂 I love it! I am actually going to do a post about it soon on my blog.

  2. This is an amazing laundry folding table and I only wish my laundry room wasn’t in a dark dungeon of a basement. Something like this would definitely make it a more enjoyable place! I wanted to let you know I’ll be featuring you in a round up at tonight’s Funtastic Friday Link Party! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love this! But I must confess, I fee like quite the dummy… I’m reading this article, all the while thinking, “I don’t see where this folds.. secure to the wall? How is it a folding table if it’s secured?!”… (*facepalm*)

  4. I love this laundry room and did something similar only put a sink in the middle of the table and wish I hadn’t as it is hard to store stuff underneath. I wish I put it somewhere else like you did. Where did you get those wonderful laundry sorters from? I absolutely love them!

  5. I’m so glad I found this. I just love your folding table. We are building and I had actually saved this pic on Pinterest. LOVE IT!!! noticed on the right hand side it looks like you have a farm sink and build a frame for that? Did you do a tutorial?

  6. I love this so much! I pinned it right away and started to try and make it myself. Very easy tutorial. I love your blog posts. What color did you paint the legs? What color stain did you use for the wood top? Did you poly it? Thanks so much!

  7. Hi there!

    Just wondering about how many feet / inches you have between the folding table and the washer dryer? Trying to create a mini laundry room for myself within our basement and wondering how much space I’ll need since we’re running a wall across the length of the basement for my husband to hang tools on and this will be located on the other side…

    Thanks so much! Seriously gorgeous job!

  8. How tall are the table legs? And where did you buy them? Did you add wood to the bottom of them to make them taller?

  9. HI, I love the table!! Quick question–are the legs from Home Depot or Lowes? In one comment it says HD and the other Lowes. Thank you, now I just need to talk my husband into building it!!

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