Embrace the Mess and Clean the Dirt Too

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This post is going to be a bit different.  I want to talk about how I clean my farmhouse tile floors like a boss….but first I want to talk a little bit about that dirt that we are cleaning up.  Today, I want to talk about something a little closer to my heart, and why, no matter what, I am grateful everyday for the opportunities I have.

I think we all know that family is important.  Heck, I think we can all agree that we take it for granted most of the time.

Sometimes it takes the loss of a loved one, or a big life event to remind us, or completely change our point of view again.  Learning of a dear friend dealing with the loss of his wife, or remembering my sweet sister that I lost almost 13 years ago are those poignant times when what really matters becomes the priority.  It puts everything into perspective.

As a mom of 4 kids, a dog, and a slightly messy husband, I have my fair share of dirt.  I spend hours each week trying(not very succesfully) to keep the dirt at bay.  I have always seen this dirt as a thorn in my side, a heavy weight on my shoulders…that one thing I truly despise.

But as I think of what made that dirt, and why its there, I am reminded of how grateful I am to even have that dirt.

Yes, if I lived alone, I would probably have a nice, immaculate home…or maybe if I was a more effective and productive mother and wife, I would have pristine home now…but we will never know.  But, having that clean home would come at a cost for me.  My family.  For my family fills my home with so many things, including the dirt.

I am grateful for that dirt, because that dirt is made by the people I love most.  There are memories made from that dirt.  The dirt is the remnant of the  laughter and fun that was tracked through my living room last Saturday afternoon.

Sometimes its not always pretty and sweet. Many times life can be ugly, and yet there are those times when you catch

The spilled popcorn on the floor in the dining room is the reminder of the late night card games my 14 year old plays with his parents.  I know I will never get those moments back, and in all honesty, cleaning up the dirt is an easier mountain to tackle than the idea of never having the dirt in the first place.  I guess you could say that there is a love hate relationship with dirt.

Now, don’t get me wrong, having a clean home is heavenly, and partnering with Bona earlier this year has been one of the easiest ways to keep the hardest part of my home clean….my floors. We have hardwood floors, farmhouse tile floors,  and laminate flooring as well.

CLeaning my floors with the Bona floor cleaner is the easiest way to embrace the mess and clean it too!

Keeping a clean home amidst the chaos of kids and life is a full time job, and its one I don’t really love.  Anyway that I can get a little extra help, I will gladly take it!  My Bona Premium Hardwood Floor Mop (with Microfiber Pads) and Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner have been a great addition to my spring cleaning.

This time of year, in between the winter and the summer, even worse than spring is mud season and we spend a decent amount of time battling this season of the year.  Mud is never in short supply around here.

So, when my pup sneaks in with muddy paws, or my 12 year old tracks muddy shoes through the house, I can take a deep, deep breath, bust out my mop and quickly and easily clean it up.

The Bona Hardwood Cleaner is one of the best solutions for providing a complete clean by gently and effectively removing dust, dirt, grime, and muddy paws.

But lets get real, sometimes life is just chaotic, and getting to the dirt right away is not an option.  These are the times I need to remind myself that.  Like the times when I catch my kids sitting together, one helping the other read her very first chapter book.

Embrace the mess and clean the dirt too! Love this bedroom!  Goregous farmhouse fireplace, window seat and those wood beams!

Or maybe that one day when I was able to conquer it all and ended up with a clean bathroom.  I used my Bona floor mop with the Stone, Tile, and Laminate cleaner to clean my farmhouse tile floors. Man do I love it! It’s makes floor cleaning so much easier!

Embrace the mess and clean the dirt easily! See what I use to clean my farmhouse tile floors!

Those are golden days I tell you. No matter what though, I have to remind myself to be grateful for the dirt, because without the dirt, I would not have the most important thing in my life, my family.

How to clean farmhouse tile floors easily in no time!

Why are you grateful for dirt?

Now, I want to hear from you!  As part of the Grateful for Dirt campaign, a handful of my close blogging friends are getting together to talk about the reasons we are grateful for dirt, and we want to hear from you!  As a big thank you to all of you Bona will be giving away a floor cleaning kit and a $100 dollar Visa gift card!  All you have to do is comment either here on the blog, on my Facebook post, or on my Instagram post!  We want to hear why you are grateful for the dirt!  Just comment with one reason why you are grateful for the dirt!

 Giveaway will last from April 12, 2019 until April 19, 2019 at midnight. Giveaway only good for US Residents. Winner will be contacted by Bona!

Gorgeous farmhouse tile floor! Marble mosaic hex tiles!

Now, we might not always have the cleanest floors, or be on top of all the cleaning we might need done…but really, sometimes it’s just not that important. That dirt was made by those  people I am most grateful for…I think I can manage dealing with it for a bit.

So, lets hear it!  Why are you grateful for the dirt?

Simply comment below or on my Facebook Post or Instagram post!  Bona will then contact the winner!  

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  1. I’m grateful for dirt because it means my husband has come home from a day of hard work and gone out in the yard to play with our dog. When they come back in, I’m left with boot and paw prints in the hall as the come to sit in the kitchen while I cook dinner so we can share our day. Dirts not so bad. Sometimes it means sticky little grandbaby handling on the front door. Little blessings!

  2. I’m grateful for dirt because it’s a sign of a life well lived! Whether it’s our muddy puppy bounding in from outside or my girls tracking in dirt from their afternoon romps, it’s all the result of fun and family.

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