Halloween Wreath DIY When you don’t feel like decorating at all!

I really like making my own home decor and this Halloween wreath DIY is the perfect example of an easy projects that anyone can do, especially when you don’t feel like decorating at all.

Make this simple Halloween wreath in no time, and for almost nothing!

I realized the other day that I hadn’t actually decorated for Halloween.    What with all the fall decorating I have done over the past month, I actually never did get out my Halloween decorations.  And… now that they One Room Challenge is upon me, I am remodeling my bathroom and don’t really feel like doing anything all all right now.  This simple Halloween wreath is my attempt at fixing that problem.

I thought there must be a way to add a little Halloween decor without having to go all out.  The first thing I needed was a Halloween wreath.  And of course I was going to create a Halloween wreath DIY project.  I cant help myself.

I started with a simple twig wreath base, and guess what?  I actually made this wreath for myself with some limbs from my trees int he backyard.  Aspen trees to be exact, since they are so very bendy.


I found some fake black crows at the dollar store the other day and bought a few of them.

I have a hard time reconciling decorating for Halloween and keeping it simple and neutral to go with my farmhouse theme.  This DIY simple Halloween wreath is so stupid simple, anyone, and I mean anyone could make it.

I took 3 of the crows and hot glued them onto the grapevine wreath, almost as if they were just sat down for a rest.  Like they are going to perch and watch those sneaky little children as they come to get candy on Halloween night.


It really isn’t necessary to make things so complicated.  I think that these 3 crows give the perfect amount of Halloween to the wreath without going overboard.  Keep it simple stupid.  That’s what I keep trying to say to myself



This Halloween wreath DIY is so easy anybody can do it!

I added a few simple Halloween touches including my DIY corn husk witches broom.

Love this Halloween wreath DIY project!  So easy to make!

I added a piece of cheap netting from the dollar store to round out the space.

Make this simple DIY Halloween wreath in no time!

Its not hard, or expensive to create a a beautiful space…even a beautiful Halloween space.  This DIY simple Halloween wreath is just one simple example of how easy it can be.






Halloween is coming soon, and its not too late to set up a simple Halloween porch.  Start with a simple Halloween wreath.


This simple Halloween DIY project is so easy, anyone can do it!

If you aren’t interested in making your own, check these cool Halloween wreaths out:

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  1. I love that wreath! I find twig/vine wreaths always look lopsided, but this is one is s symmetrical!
    Those birds are simple yet impactful.

  2. LOVE it! The simpler, the better in my opinion. That wreath looks store bought – so cool you used actual branches! And, it still fits in with your overall farmhouse theme. Pinned!

  3. Really enjoyed your wreathe. We have crows that feast at our compost heap on a regular basis; I love how they call to their buddies. I am now rather partial to crows! I make my wreathes from wild grape and ivy vines that are overgrowing in the wrong places–waste not, want not. Friends laugh at me for not wasting anything!. This week I will use the pulled threads from fringed placemats (daughter’s wedding) to make tassels for table runners!

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