Over 50 Spooky and Stylish Halloween Wreaths

Can you believe Halloween is coming up so quickly around the corner? Don’t you worry your little head, though. There is still plenty of time to make yourself spooky Halloween wreaths for your front door! Last week I posted about 18 creepy cool Halloween Ideas, and today I thought it would be good idea to round up a handful of spooky Halloween wreaths to get your creative juices flowing.

Over 50 spooky and stylish Halloween wreaths perfect for you front door or even above your fireplace.  Check them out here.

I am not a huge fan of Halloween decor but I love a cute wreath on my front door. Whether it is a DIY Halloween wreath or a store bought wreath. A front door wreath is a great way to greet friends and add a touch of seasonal decor. A cute fall wreath  or Halloween wreath can be the perfect addition to your outdoor Halloween decorations.

I have seen so many cute Halloween door wreath options, from a skeleton wreath, a ghost wreath, a candy corn wreath, and more. I have a hard time finding cute wreaths that are seasonal and also have that look that farmhouse wreaths have as well. I have found tons of neutral wreaths as well as unique Halloween wreath ideas.

There are so many spooky wreath options as well. Even something as simple as a black cat or a Halloween witch wreath will be perfect for your front door. In addition to that there are even simple mesh wreath options that are perfect front door decor for the  season.

You can easily make your own Halloween wreath, as I have done here with my stupid simple crow Halloween wreath using a grapevine wreath and some fake rubber crows from the dollar store. I used a good amount of hot glue and wire to secure them to the wreath form.

If you are not interested in making your own unique wreath, make sure to check out all the amazing wreaths I have found below! These Halloween door decorations are perfect for anyones front porch!

Spooky Halloween Wreath Options

Whether you are looking for a whimsical Halloween wreath or a simple autumn wreath that takes you from Halloween to Thanksgiving there are multiple options available. Simply click on the image to be taken directly to the wreath.

Wouldn’t you say that these are super creepy? I love the Witch wreath! I think if I hung that on my door, my daughter may never step foot in my house again! Many of these wreaths are handmade by amazing people and sold on Etsy. I think it is important to share and highlight amazing entrepreneurs. I love how unique each handmade wreath is, and I would strongly recommend checking them out. These artists take pride in their products.

These are all stylish as well as perfect for the season.  I hope you check them out.

Happy haunting this Halloween and I hope you can make it as creepy as you can! I am off to set up my Pallet Graveyard, and hang a few bats. You can’t have Halloween with out that. My daughter will officially be scared until Halloween is over. Oh the thrill of it all!

Do you like to be scared on Halloween? I know we love enjoying the spookiness of the holiday and it is so much fun to decorate for it.  

Over 50 spooky and stylish Halloween wreaths perfect for you front door or even above your fireplace.  Check them out here.

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