Farmhouse Style Fall Mantel


The last few days we have had some pretty crazy weather.  It has been nonstop raining. I wont complain, though.  Its my absolute favorite thing.  Ever.

The chill in the air is reminding me of the oncoming fall that is laying out ahead of us.  I thought it might be time to give a little tour of my farmhouse style fall mantel.

Farmhouse Style Fall Mantel


This year I wanted to keep my mantel simple and flexible with the season.  I have always thought it was hard to decorate for fall, because, duh, you have to decorate for fall, and then Halloween, and then Thanksgiving.  I want something that can easily transform for each holiday without working too hard and completely changing things out.

My farmhouse style mantel this year was inspired by nature for the most part.  About a month ago, we took all the kids and drove out into the hills.  We were on a look out for some fallen aspen trees.  I was using them for some decorations I needed for a hospital fundraiser dinner I was setting up.  I have no qualms about using something over and over again.  Gotta use what you’ve got right?

I used my miter say to cut those newly found aspen limbs.  However….

I think I  found more than I bargained for though…. I am knee deep in aspen logs.  Don’t you worry your little head, I have made good use of all of them.

One place I used them was on my mantel.  There is something so lovely about Quaking Aspen trees.


When I was a young girl, we had a cabin up in the woods.  Oh my gosh it was my favorite place to go.  I remember sitting outside, listening to the Aspen trees blow in the wind.

Did you know when you are surrounded by an Aspen grove, and the wind blows, it sounds like waves crashing on a beach somewhere.  The small silver dollar sized leaves flutter around creating a feast for the eyes.  There is nothing more beautiful than an Aspen grove in the fall either.  Oh, the way they change their colors to bright oranges and yellows is some eye candy to be sure.

Is it any wonder that I have planted more of these trees in my yard than I care to admit.  I promise I will give you a peek of them in the coming weeks as well.  I will soon have some pretty incredible home tour posts coming up.


I wanted to set up my mantle decor by first adding one of my many chalkboards.  It didn’t however create any chalkboard art on it.  I have become a huge fan of using them naked, without art.  They provide a wonderful backdrop for whatever you want to use them for.  I like to hang a wreath on them.  I hung my easy fall wreath here.  This wreath was so easy to make.


I then used one of my tobacco baskets to add a bit of raw, distressed wood.  Then came on the Aspen limbs.  I cut them into 3 different sizes to create interest and contrast to the space.


The last thing I added were some pumpkins.  Its still a little too early to get any fresh pumpkins here….mine are still green and growing in the garden, and they aren’t selling them yet at our one and only store.  Maybe this weekend I will acquire a few.


So, I added some of my simple fabric pumpkins to round out the farmhouse fall mantel, and finished with just a few small dollar store pumpkins painted white.

This mantel will be easily updates for Halloween by switching out wreathes, adding a few candles and spooky accessories, which of course, I will make sure and post about here.


What would you say to a farmhouse style fall mantel?  I say yes, yes yes.


I hope you enjoyed this quick little tour of my farmhouse style fall wreath.  I hope you will come back and check out all the fun fall posts I have coming in the next few weeks!  There is going to be so much good!!

If you’re interested in creating a similar look, I’ve collected exact and similar pieces for your convenience.  This post contains affiliate links.


Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you got some great fall mantel idea.  Have a great day and remember…

be inspired

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  1. Your mantel is beautiful! I love all of your aspen logs nestled on it. And that wreath is gorgeous! I can’t wait until my living room makeover is done and I have a mantel to decorate!!

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