Vintage Farmhouse Fall Decor

When I start to decorate my home for a season, I like to add a little bit of that decor in all my rooms.  What I am really digging lately is a bit of the vintage farmhouse style decor.  Its easy to add some vintage farmhouse fall decor to your home.   Even rooms that seem like after thoughts, like my mudroom, deserve a little love, and that’s what you’re getting today, a mudroom decorated for fall. I think special touches throughout are nice surprises to find as I make my way around my home.


When my kids get up in the morning, we make breakfast, hurry through our craziness of getting ready for school and whatever the day has in store.  As we get ready to head out the door, my mudroom becomes the heart of the home.  It is the buzzing center where we come and go from the house.  We leave notes on the chalkboard wall.  I spend a lot of time in my laundry room trying to keep up with the mounds of laundry that never seems to end.  Its a highly trafficked area, and with as much as it gets, it should be beautiful too.  I think you might agree?


Starting with a neutral and blank slate is how I would describe my mudroom’s bones.  We built some built in storage benches which have been an absolute save in regard to the messes of shoes and baseball equipment, and all those other lovely things that come along with kids and life.  Plus, its easier to add some vintage farmhouse fall decor when there is less to compete with.

By creating a light, white, and bright space that is somewhat simple, I can add special touches that can really bring out all the character of the space.

As the nights become more chilly and the days do as well, I like to keep a few things on the ready in our mudroom.  Light jackets are perfect for this time of year.  A soft scarf can be the perfect addition on a cool day.  I could not live without my collection of ankle boots and neither can my daughter.  Aren’t those shoes adorable?


A room would not be complete for fall without a warm blanket, and this Pendelton blanket is the perfect accessory.  I would say that this adds a lot ofvintage farmhouse decor to this room.    What about that clock?  It was actually from a broken decor piece.  I took a piece of twine and hung it up.  I love it more this way than I did the original way.  It has a touch of whimsy to it.


“Gather here with grateful hearts”

I painted one wall with vintage green chalk paint, talk about vintage farmhouse decor. I It is a great place to leave notes, reminders, and a wonderful place for little fingers to exercise their imagination.  I try to leave something inspiring for the kids as they head out the door.  This is my most recent fall quote.

I love to leave a few pillows in this space for little bodies that have to sit and put their shoes on in the morning before school.  Simple touches like that go a long way.  How lovely is this farmhouse eggs pillow cover from So Vintage Chic?  You have to check out her line of pillow covers.  They are full of so much farmhouse goodness, and she has tons of vintage farmhouse style as well.


Now, I am under no illusions that this space stays like this all the time or even some of the time.  Life gets in the way.  Life is dirty, messy, loud, and crazy around here.  Often times there are piles of shoes, stacks of papers, and many random objects messing up my dreamy view of what this space could and should look like.

But, why not create the space you want? I feel so much more calm and centered when my home is clean and arranged in a way that makes me happy.

My kids are my life and they are the reason I love to keep my home in a certain way.  Believe it or not, they notice.  They have all separately expressed their feelings about having a home that feels cozy, warm, and welcoming.  Sometimes they will comment on the fact that they have to be careful when they are in certain parts of the home that I may be “staging” or photographing.  I wonder if they think it is normal to have this kind of craziness going on constantly.

I hope what they see is a mom that is working incredibly hard to create a business of her own, and that wants her kids to know that when you work hard…sometimes incredibly hard, your dreams come true because you never gave up.  I can slowly see my dreams being fulfilled.

Since fall still hasn’t quite hit in full force, I like to keep the decor lighter as well.  A few small pumpkins, and some fall flowers in some chalk painted mason jar vases are enough to give the feeling of fall.

Do you love you some vintage farmhouse fall decor?  Check out this tour!

It doesn’t take much to create a cozy space for fall, and creating a room with  vintage farmhouse fall decor is easier than you think as well!  Imagine effortless, and easy decor.  Don’t think too hard about it.

Do you love you some vintage farmhouse fall decor?  Check out this tour!

Are you ready to add a little vintage farmhouse fall decor to your home?  I know that it sometimes can seem daunting to start decorating for the season, but I promise you, its so worth the effort to create a cozy and inviting space for those you love.

Do you love you some vintage farmhouse fall decor?  Check out this tour!


  1. Your home is so beautiful. I love everything about it, you have me so inspired, I want to fix the home place and you have given me a lot of ideas. Would you please tell me about the door next to your chairs. Is it just standing there?. It reminds me of our stable doors in our Feed Barn. I love the look I was thinking of putting some of the barn doors in the house since i have seen yours. I think my Mom and Daddy would have liked that. Thanks for sharing

  2. You created a beautiful space, Sara! I agree – every space deserves a touch of beauty, even if it’s “just” the mudroom. I find those little unexpected spots of decor are the ones I love best.

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