Over 60 Functional and Stylish Wicker Basket Storage Options

Its the beginning of the year, and with that, it’s time to get organized!  Honestly, though I think it’s hard to create an organized space that looks stylish and makes sense.  I like to think that I try to stay organized in my home, but with 4 kids, a dog, and a husband that is messier than all the other ones, its hard to keep things right!  One thing I like to use to organize things in my home are wicker baskets.  I love wicker basket storage.  Wicker basket storage is a great way to keep things tidy and add texture and style to your home.

I use wicker basket storage on book shelves,  under benches, in closets, my pantry, laundry room and so much more.  I think finding the right wicker basket can be difficult and I think they are often very expensive, which can be difficult to spend your money on.

So, today I want to share over 60 functional and stylish wicker basket options that will be the perfect option when planning your organization out.  

Things to think about when using wicker basket storage:

  • Get creative.  Use them in areas you may not otherwise.  Use them under a coffee table, as a place to store extra pillows or blankets. I love using wicker baskets as storage for my daughters toys and my sons legos.
  • Make sure to measure a space before buying your wicker baskets, such as when using them in a bookshelf.  Know how long you need the basket to be, how tall and and how deep.  These are important to know, so that you can take advantage of the space.  Once you have the measurements, you can make sure to take advantage of the entire space.
  • try finding some wicker baskets with lids to make hiding those unsightly toys easier!
  • You can also use wicker basket storage to conceal and hide ugly electronics near your TV.  I have a post all about how to hide ugly electronics here.

This year I am determined to get my spaces organized, while adding some coziness and texture to the style of the room.  Wicker basket storage is a great way to do it, and I love the way they conceal some of the ugly that life hands us.  

Here are 65 of my favorite wicker basket options, that I have chosen carefully:

**All you have to do is click an image to go straight to that wicker basket!  

Over 65 gorgeous wicker basket storage options for you home.  Use wicker baskets to organize and store items in your home.


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  1. Wow!! This is such an awesome round up of wicker baskets. No more searching endlessly at different stores and websites, it’s all right here.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Don’t forget to shop eBay and yard sales for Longaberger baskets.
    Quality baskets of many shapes and styles going cheap!

  3. I love wicker baskets 🧺 of all kind, shapes and styles. My problems sometimes been what to put in some of them once I found a place to put them. Thanks to you, my problem just got solved. I love these ideas and basked you posted

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