Over 60 of the Best Gardening Hat Options for 2021

Something I always make sure I have when I begin my garden every year is to make sure I have my gardening hat! I want to share over 60 of the best gardening hats perfect to wear while you spend hours tending and caring for your garden.


Working in the garden can be so very rewarding. At the beginning of ever season I am fueled by the excitement of a new and improved garden. It does not come without restraints. Gardening is hard work. Its easy to look at gardening with a romantic view, imagining how amazing it will be. Honestly I do it every single spring. I think about how amazing my garden will be, lush full of healthy plants and veggies. It is easy to let this fuel your imagination and forget that it can be hard work, often in difficult elements such as wind, rain, and even snow or hail. 

Sun protection is extremely important when working outdoors. Gardening can be deceiving because often times, your green thumb can distract you from harmful uv rays. This is why I always wear a hat, for those long days in the garden. The best gardening hats can come in so many different shapes and sizes.

There are so many garden hats to choose from when looking for the perfect one for your lifestyle. From baseball caps, to large brim hats, mesh panels and the ultraviolet protection factor, it is important to take your health and safety into consideration when looking for the best sun hats.

There are so many things to consider when choosing the right outdoor gardening hat for yourself. When it comes to the hat itself, it is important to consider the brim size and shape, and the fabric the hat is made from. The size of the brim will directly reflect on how much uv protection you will get while wearing your hat. Many experts recommend at least a 3 inch hat brim. I personally like to go larger than that.

If you plan to spend a ton of time outside, it is key to get a hat made from a material rates 50 + UPF. UPF measures the amount of UV radiation that penetrates a fabric and reaches the skin. A UPF of 50+ will mean approximately 98 percent of the sun rays will not reach the skin. A minumum of 30 + UPF is recommended. You can learn more about it here at the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Hours working in the garden can result in sunburns, and sun weathered skin. With harsh weather in the spring(our spring can be awfully tough) such as extreme wind, sun, rain and snow, it is important to find outdoor hats that are up to the test.

The ideal gardening hat for myself is one with an adjustable chin strap or leather chin cord for those windy days, has the perfect fit, often has an extra-wide brim with an inner stretch band. I want a comfortable hat that keeps my head cool, covers the tops of the ears and the back of the neck.

I spend a lot of my time in the garden bent over my garden boxes weeding and tending to the plants and soil. It is important to have optimum protection from the elements. There have been times that I forget to wear my garden hat and before I know it my face and neck are feeling the effect of the harmful rays.

Anyone that knows me also knows that I need my hat to be a stylish hat. I cannot help that I want things to look good while also being functional, providing ultimate sun protection.

I like to break up my gardening hat options into a couple different categories:

Wide brim hat– wearing a wide brim hat, especially one that is wide brim around the entire hat will give you tons of protection, and depending on how wide you go(you can go wide enough to cover even your shoulders)

Hats with neck flap options – These kinds of hats are perfect for gardening or just general outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing. Usually a hat with e neck flap design will have a standard cap brim, and then thin flap that covers your neck. You usually can since up the flap or roll it under if you are not wanting to use the neck flap.

Floppy hats- These can be similar to a wide brim hat, but are made with so many different material options such as UV protectant fabric, straw or natural fibers and more. I love floppy straw hats. They have a soft touch to them, and are breathable for your head. I prefer one that has a stretch band on the inside to give you a secure but comfortable fit.

Wide brim visors- Do you want another wuick and easy hat option? I have seen some very adorable wide brim visors that can be worn without having to commit to terrible hat hair. This is a great option for when you are out for short bursts of time in the garden.

Wide brim bucket hat – How about the traditional bucket hat or even it sister with a wide brim. The wide brim will give you extra protection and often bucket hats are more often made from UV protectant material.

Wide Brim Gardening Hat with Adjustable Chin Cord- This is by far my most favorite type of hat to wear while gardening. I find that the long, adjustable leather cords give you the freedom to tighten down your hat when the winds get too high. You can also take your hat off without losing it, as it can hang around your neck, and rest on your back. It makes it easy to remove and not worry about where you sat your hat down. I take mine off often for random reasons and I love that I do not need to carry it.

With all of these kind of hats, consider some other additions such as adjustable chin cords, good protection, consider an adjustable hat that can be custom fit to your head size, and one with mesh vents to keep your head cool.Head vents are super helpful especially when you are hot and sweaty and needing a bit of a cool down. Another good idea is to purchase one that can be washed in the washing machine. Gardening and outdoor work can be dirty work, and this is a great feature. Having a washable hat is so nice and convenient.

Personally, I am a fan of the woven floppy hats with an adjustable leather chin cord. I like one with a long cord with an adjustable toggle. It is by far my personal favorite. Not only are they stylish and super cute, but they give great coverage on your ears, neck, and face. I also love a high-quality band that is adjustable or stretchy to give you the most comfortable fit. They are usually classic tan color with a black cord or ribbon on them and they look so great while adding uv protection.

Here I am wearing my favorite gardening hat. It is a natural fiber woven hat that has a soft and pliable feel.  It’s one that can take abuse and keep on going.  It has that long leather adjustable chin strap that I love.

While these are all important factors to consider, it is important to choose the best hats for your lifestyle. Do you want a dual purpose hat that can help your in the garden, or do you want one solely for outdoor adventures? Maybe you are an avid fisherman and need something that will not be ruined by water. How about one that you can roll up in a ball and put in your pocket? There are so many things to think about. You can often find a hat that can be used for both. This is a good reason why you should think about all the ways you will want to use your hat.

I have scoured the internet searching for stylish, functional hats that are the bet option for you. A good sun hat does not need to cost a lot of money, in fact, my favorite outdoor hat was quite inexpensive and I have used it for years!

Do you like a hat that you can travel with? One that will keep its original shape even after being packed in a piece of luggage? I love packable straw hats.

Whatever you are looking for, make sure your high quality gardening hat will protect you from sun damage, and the heat on those sunny days.

I used to think I looked silly wearing my gardening hat. When I feel safe from the sun rays, it is worth it. This is why I tend to gravitate towards stylish sun hats that I can be caught wearing.   I dont have to worry about how I look or whether I am being protected.

It is easy to find hats that not only are the best choice for protection but also hats that look good. I often say, it rarely costs more money to look good. You can often find a cute hat for the same price as some of those ugly hats out there. If you do not care much for aesthetics, that is totally fine! We each have our preferences, and that is okay.

Take a look at the options below and let me know which one works for you! Simply click on the image of any of the hats to be taken directly to the source to read more about the hat.

Bucket Hats:

Wide Brim Straw Hats:

Hats with Neck Covering:

Hats with Adjustable Chin Cord:

Wide Brim Visors

Which hat is right for you? Well, that is something you will have to decide for yourself. With so many different options, you can find the perfect hat that will provide skin protection and one that will be a great hat all around.

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  1. Love this post as I am also becoming a hat lady. My husband and I each bought a Ping hat last year. I think it’s referred to as a boonie, around $35, but worth every penny. Nice brim and nice ventilation, washable and would lie flat for packing with no problem. I also purchased two from Wallaroo Hat Co. Both have adjustable band to fit almost anyone. One is straw and one is a denim wide brim mashable. Great for gardening or anything, really…. I Prices are reasonable. Service is great. Seasonal sale saves a little money if you don’t need one immediately…

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