Thrift Store Farmhouse Swag Part 3-Farmhouse Sign

Thrift Store Farmhouse Swag Part 3

Do you guy ever feel like you have about a million ideas but about 20 minutes to execute them?  I feel like that is my life these days.  Between 4 kids, my home, garden, work, school(college classes) and this blog, I am running out of time!  I am learning to manage my it though.  I am looking forward to fall and  winter season here.  You will be seeing many new and fun seasonal ideas for your home!  I hope you check back and see whats coming up.

Now on to my 3rd installment of Thrift Store Farmhouse Swag.  Today I am bringing a simple sign to life.   I am not reinventing the wheel here, but sometimes I think we forget about how easy and inexpensive it is to create some of these items.  I am focusing of the FARMHOUSE sign today.

I started with this 2 dollar piece of artwork from Savers thrift store.

thift store sign

I felt kind of bad painting over an Autumn themed sign, but it was in pretty bad shape, and I have really been wanting to create a farmhouse sign.

I grabbed my trusty white paint and painted the raised center part of the sign. When that was dry I used a different method to transfer my letters to the sign.  Sometimes I use stencils, and sometime I trace letters.  This time I actually printed off the word FARMHOUSE on my computer.  I then used my Sharpie Paint Marker and traced the letters on the back of the paper.  I then laid the paper right side up on the sign and traced the letters.  The letters transferred nicely as you can see.


Here it is ready to be traced.

Farmhouse Sign

Once the tracing was done I painted in the letters.

Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign

And that folks, is it!  This was a quick and easy project to do!  As you can see I am slowly adding pieces to my porch for my fall transformation.  I love the way this farmhouse sign looks with the rest of my autumn decor.

Farmhouse Sign

I am truly loving the creative outlet this blog has given me.  If you like what I am posting I would love to hear from you.  I would also love it if you would follow me on Social Media!  I have tons of great pins on my Pinterest account and you can see my daily pics on Instagram.  Thanks for stopping by!


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