Amazingly Gorgeous and Stylish Chicken Coop Ideas

Have you jumped on the chicken train yet?  Man, I feel like chickens have gone viral!  And now more than ever I think people are looking for some way to have chickens, and keep a stylish chicken coop that looks great in your backyard.  So, today I want to share some of my favorite chicken coop ideas.

It can be really easy to simple think of chickens and chicken coops as merely functional, and as I read and learn more about permaculture I think I may spend a little more time working with my chickens and creating a happy synergy between my chickens and my land.  

Chickens can offer so much for your home and land.  First, its pretty obvious, chickens give you eggs!  Chickens can also give you meat, if you decide to raise them for that(we are seriously thinking about doing some for ourselves).  But, they can also give so much back to your land.  They can forage in your garden once its spent, and with their scratching, pecking and fertilizing, you can improve your garden soil!  They can act as your compost workers, as they love all the things. 

But, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t consider creating something stylish and cute for your chickens to live in.  Think of a chicken coop as an extension of your home.  Whether you have something small and compact for your chickens to live in or want to go all out and create something grand, you can ass simple touches and accents that can give it personality and style.

We decided to jump in last year and got baby chicks in September.  With that purchase, we knew we needed to create a home for them.  And of course I was going to go all out and I researched all the chicken coop ideas I could find.  I did a ton of research, trying to figure out what would work best for us.

We have 6 in our family and so we decided to go with 11 chickens right now.  I wanted a chicken coop that could grow with the chickens, and if we decided to add a couple more, it would work out easily. Everything we did in and with our chicken coop had a purpose and we built it like that for a reason.  For instance, I did not want to have to crawl inside the coop and run.  I did not want to hit my head on a short door. I wanted it to have full height doors, as well as ceiling space so I can move around and work easily when cleaning out everything.

There were many sources and  a ton of chicken coops that I was inspired by.  We considered so many options before we built, and I am truly happy with how our turned out. You can see the entire chicken coop design here.

But today I want to share some of my favorite chicken coop ideas and chicken coop designs.  

Check out this chicken coop at @elevengables on Instagram.  It looks so beautiful in the snow!

Love this chicken coop by Rocky Hedge Farm.  I particularly love how they landscaped around the chicken coop.  This is something I plan to do around mine as well.

This chicken coop by my friend Bre at Rooms for Rent is so adorable! Plus there is a giant run for them to be able to get their exercise.  I love this chicken coop.

I am absolutely obsessed with this DIY chicken coop by Woodshop Mike.I love the addition of the run and the nesting boxes that can be accessed from the side of the building.  

This chicken coop by Cottonwood Shanty is GORGEOUS! I cannot get over how much I love it. m That old door….well both old doors, add so much character to the chicken coop!  

This chicken coop by Jamie at Southern Revivals is amazing!  Its the perfect backyard chicken coop and one I have gotten some great chicken coop ideas from.  I added some storage in my chicken coop as well, and I love having it!  She also offers the plans to this coop so make sure to check it out!

How can I not share chicken coop ideas without sharing Liz’s chicken coop, from Liz Marie Blog.  Its gorgeous, but her stuff always is!

This chicken coop by The Little Blackbirds is GOALS!  I now think I need to make a few adjustments to mine, and maybe add a bit more of a chicken run for them.  This chicken coop is amazing!


And last, this chicken coop design by Heather Bullard is the perfect backyard chicken coop.  It can hold up to 9 chickens per her site, and is aesthetically beautiful!

Now, not to toot my own horn, but I figured I better share our new chicken coop!  We spent the month of September building it.  I love the way it turned out!  I can wait to be able to spend some time landscaping and making the grounds pretty around it.

Gorgeous chicken coop ideas that anyone can create!

Are you looking for some chicken coop ideas and inspiration?  Do you want to be able to raise your own chickens and get the yummiest farm fresh eggs?  But, maybe you want that coop to be stylish and functional?  Definitely check these chicken coops out! 

Do you want backyard chickens and farm fresh eggs of your own? Check out these amazing chicken coop ideas and create something functional and stylish too! These are some gorgeous and affordable chicken coops!

Getting ready to raise your own chickens?  Check out everything you need to know about how to care for baby chicks!

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  1. Loving the process of building the chicken coop with your plans! Can I ask where you found your solar exterior light for above the door? Thanks!
    Drew Bartlett

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