12 Days of Farmhouse Christmas- Day 1 Deer Head Art

12 Days of Farmhouse Christmas

I am so excited about the next series I am doing on my blog!  I was laying in bed one night when I had the thought to do this series.  I wanted to use the idea of the 12 Days of Christmas and thought it was a great way to combine my love for farmhouse style and Christmas.  So for the first Day of the 12 Days of Farmhouse Christmas, I am featuring my deer head art.  But before I do, I want to ask, what is farmhouse Christmas decor??  My definition is this:  Simple, neutral, with a homey style.  In a farmhouse style home you will notice that there are imperfections.  Maybe this is why I love it so.  The imperfections is what makes it perfect!  My home is certainly not perfect, but that is what I love about it.  Farmhouse style uses quilts, white objects such stoneware, ceramics, and enamelware. They use aged, imperfect objects. My favorite part of farmhouse style is  how they use functional, maybe even slightly boring items as a focal piece, creating interest and drama where there usually would not be any.  Now, lets get down to it.

Glittery Deerhead Art

This is a project I actually made last year for Christmas, and so obviously I was not that great at taking pictures of the process.  But, it is really a simple project.  I will list out the steps of how I made it.

Step 1:  I cut a piece of board to the size I wanted it.  I always have random remnants and sheets of  plywood and other boards, so this was not a hard task.

Step 2:  Paint the board white.

Step 3: This is where I created a printable of the deer head to make all our lives easier.

deer head printout

Deer Head Printable

I printed out the deer head and traced it onto my painted board.

Step 4:  I painted the deer with silver paint to give it a head start with the shiny and glittery aspect.

Glittery Deerhead Art

Step 5:  Add the glitter to the deer head.  I tried this two ways.

I actually put the glitter straight onto the wet paint.  This worked well.  I also have done it with a glue over the paint that dries clear.   Both worked well, so it really is up to you what you use.

After the deer head was done, I added a frame around it.  I used some barn wood trim for this.  I actually used hot glue to secure this trim to the board.  SSShhhhh don’t tell anyone!  It has held up nicely!  The reason I used this was because my board was too thin to nail to.

Glittery Deer Head Art

Glittery Deer Head Art

And that is it.  I also added some wire to the back in case I wanted to hang it.

This is a simple and quick project you can do to add some farmhouse Christmas in your home this year!  I am excited to show you all the fun farmhouse Christmas goodness!

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  1. I just love this. Thank you so much for this printable.. this is going e my project for me this weekend! It will be so pretty in our cabin… Silver glitter would be my first choice, but I’m almost thinking I need something bronzy for the warm colors of the cabin, I think this would be just as pretty in a darker glitter too, don’t you? LOVE!! <3

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