DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table – Easy Repurposed Project

With lumber costs rising, it is more important now than ever to look at more affordable options. Repurposing things such as a wooden cable spool is a great option. We have used wood cable spools for so many projects including tables at weddings, a spool ottoman, side tables, furniture for the goats to jump on, and even wall decor! Today I am showing you how we took a wood spool and turned it into a coffee table.


DIY Wood Spool Coffee Table

Ah my life. I think I am pretty blessed. I have a great family. My husband is pretty patient and helpful with all my crazy ideas. How is that as a lead into this next project we worked on this weekend. I just cannot seem to leave well enough alone. 

After a few really crazy weeks, I think, next week will be better. It never is. This last weekend was pretty much the same. After a morning of basketball games, I begged and pleaded to go out and find a Christmas tree.

 This is one of our favorite traditions. As we headed home, tree in tow, I had another project on my mind.  If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a picture of a wire spool me and my children rolled home one night last week. To say we received a few funny looks would be an understatement.

DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table

I had one plan in mind for this baby….spool coffee table. I have been on the lookout for months for just the right items. We had collected some casters from a junk yard a couple years ago. This is the only other items I needed to create this piece.

One other item I needed to finish this project was my hubby. I felt like this was a project I could tackle, but listen, I think I have spread myself a little thin these last few weeks and had so many other things to do, I sweet talked my way into getting him to help me. Listen, a vintage wooden spool can become the perfect table.

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Here is what we used for this cable spool table project:

  • top of the spool ( there is a top and a bottom and they can easily be disassembled using wrenches)
  • 6 inch caster wheels
  • Drill Bit
  • 2 by 4 wood 1 piece
  • bolts with nuts ( size is your preference, but it will be the same size as your drill bit)
  • Miter saw
  • cordless drill

If you have access to smaller cable spools, you could make multiple tables that can be arranged together in various patterns.

The first thing I did was decide how high I wanted to make the coffee table. I decided I wanted it about 16 inches high. With the height of the casters, I needed to make up about 4 inches to reach that height. We decided to build some blocks that the casters would be connected to. We used three wheels.

Wire spools are actually pretty easy to disassemble. The best way to disassemble them are to loosen the 8 bolts holding the top of a spool together. After those are taken off, the round tops will come right off, and a bonus, the slats in the middle are disassembled now as well. This will become the top of the table.

DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table

I ran out to my weathered wood stash in my backyard to find some 2 by 6 boards that had been sitting out getting all worn and lovely. I liked using these, since they were the same color as the spool. We built some blocks. They are 6 by 6 squares.

DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table

We then measured and set them in place on the bottom side of the round. Once we decided where we wanted the casters secured we marked the location.

DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table

We then drilled 4 holes that we will use bolts to attach the blocks to the table. Notice the little hand? We had plenty of little helpers with this project. I have 3 boys that think re-purposing is where its at! I love this. My little girl just likes to be part of the party.

DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table

Once all the holes were drilled, by 8 year old tightened all the bolts to the block. I just love seeing their little hands at work.

DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table

My 6 year old had to get in on the action. This was the fun part.

DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table

Once the blocks are attached, we secure the casters onto the blocks. We drilled holes to secure more bolts.

DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table

DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table

Once again, our little elves got put to work tightening the bolts. We used caster wheels that are 6 inches in size.

Once the bolts are tightened, this wooden cable reel coffee table was done! A little styling and I was a happy camper. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with an old wire spool.






I am in love! I love my new DIY wire spool coffee table. The only cost we had for this project was the bolts, which was a pretty small purchase. The spool was free and the casters were free.  

Even of you have to buy casters, this is still a very inexpensive project. I love the feeling of satisfaction when I look at this project. Every hand in this home took part in this project. They all take pride in seeing the result of their labors.

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  1. Hello- Love your wire spool coffee table. Did you put a seal on it to prevent water/wine stains? Or just no food/drinks on the table? Thank you!

    1. We did not put a seal on it. Since it had spent all its life outside, it has such a great patina, I didn’t want to change it. We do have a rule of no drinks, which does get broken quite often, but it is really resilient.

  2. Love this! I’m making something similar for my living room. What did you use to the hold the square block together? Glue? Nails? I’m wanting this to be nice and sturdy so you’re input would be so helpful.


    1. Hey Lindsey, we screwed the wooden blocks together. This gives them more strength than just gluing. You could glue and screw if you want extra strength, but I find that with a project like this, less is really more and the screws have worked perfect. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wish I could show you mine finished! Love the looks of these old spools! Thanks for showing yours! I left my rustic also. We had to cut ours down. It was huge!!

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