DIY Fall Sharpie Paint Pen Pillow Part 2 with Free Fall Printables!


DIY Fall Pillow With a Sharpie Paint Pen

Yesterday I featured a fun pillow I made with my stencils and a Sharpie paint pen.  Today I want to feature a more artistic approach to the technique of using these paint pens.   I hear a lot of people commenting that they couldn’t possibly freehand a design.  I love doing this.  Granted, I was an art major in college, I actually took calligraphy classes when I was a kid.  Plus, I doodle.  A lot.

Now when I created my pillow design, I had an idea in my head, and I just went for it.  I would not exactly recommend doing this for everyone.  It definitely is a more free process as well as gives you more creative license.  If you’re struggling with an idea of what you want, or if you do know what you want, or you could go to Pinterest and find something as a jumping off point.

I loved the saying “fall in love”.  I thought it was a different take on Fall sayings.  I actually practiced it a few times on my craft paper roll.   Once I felt pretty good about my design I just drew it on the pillow.

I would recommend you draw it on initially with pencil.  It will give you a little room for error.  Once you have successfully drawn your design, trace over it with your marker.  I added more emphasis to my writing by adding thicker lines on certain parts of the letters.  Once again you can search for different fonts that you can go off of.  This kind of project allows you tons of freedom.  Which I love.  I added a few fall leaves to the pillow to give it a little more style.  What do you think?

DIY Fall Pillows With Sharpie Paint Pens

DIY Fall Sharpie Paint Pillows

Here are the two pillows I created with my Sharpie Paint Pens.  I love the way they turned out.  I cant wait to make more!  Now on to something even more fun!  I recently started dabbling in printables and I am featuring a few of them today!  Go ahead!  You can download them all!  I have found that I LOVE designing them, so you might see a whole lot more in the near future!




Free Fall Printables



Free fall printables

CLICK HERE to gain access to my entire printable library!

And that my dear, is the end.  Please come check in again.  I am just getting started.