Easy to Make Stovetop Potpourri With Free Printable Gift Tags

Looking for an easy but gorgeous gift to give to a friend or neighbor?  Maybe you just want to fill your own home with the aroma of Christmas.  Well, this easy to make stovetop potpourri is the perfect treat!  Why not try it out for yourself!  Your neighbors will be thrilled to get it!

Every year I struggle with what to get all our friends and neighbors for Christmas.  I try to keep it simple.  Something that I can make on a mass scale to give to about 20 different people.  I often make my easy soft caramels, but this year..I have chosen not to make those yummy treats.  Really I am just trying to simplify this year.

So, about a month ago, I made some dried orange slices for my Christmas tree garland.  You can see how I made them here. Anyways, my friend and I ended up making loads of dried orange slices and even after making all my garland I had a ton left.  I thought about what I could use them for, and a Christmas stovetop potpourri seemed to be the perfect thing.  Then I knew what I could do for my neighbors and friends.  Their very own jar of stovetop potpourri.

I toyed around with what else I could add to my stovetop potpourri.  Here are some of the ingredients I am using in my stove top potpourri.  There are so many different ingredients that can influence your stove top scents.  

Potpourri Tips

  • Use dried fruits, this will eliminate any mold that may grow if not used immediately.
  • Use a variety of ingredients including dried oranges, lemons, rosemary, pine sprigs, cranberries, cloves, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and more.
  • Make these stovetop potpourri gifts for bridal showers, baby showers, holiday parties, give them to teachers as gifts, and give them to your neighbors!

These are all ones that I absolutely love.  These ingredients make the perfect stove top scent recipe.  I changes up mine a bit.  This is what I used in my homemade stovetop recipe:

What You Need To Make Stovetop Potpourri

Get The Stovetop Potpourri Ingredients Here

I also used these supplies to assemble my potpourri gifts:



There is something about the combination of these scents and colors that evokes Christmas and Fall. 

You could cook this all through fall as the best fall stovetop potpourri or you can use it as the perfect DIY Christmas stovetop potpourri gift like I am doing.

Since I already had dried orange slices that is what I am using. But, you could put a whole orange or lemon in the lag/jar, along with the other spices and just instruct them to slice up the fruit before simmering on the stove.

This is how I assembled my homemade potpourri in a mason jar.  I grabbed the cutest mason  jars I could find.  These mason jars have a wide base and look so cute with the simmering potpourri recipe.

I started by adding a few cranberries to the bottom.  Threw in some orange slices, dumped about 1 tsp of cinnamon and nutmeg powder.  I mixed the two and did 1 tsp.  

Next I added 2 cinnamon sticks, threw in more cranberries to fill in all the empty spots, put a couple pieces of pine sprigs, making sure they are visible from the outside.  I am all about the visual.  After that I add more orange slices and cranberries until the jar is full.  If you use a clear gift bag, you will probably be able to use more, but I kept these just the right size.  

Once they were all assembled, it was time to print out the stovetop potpourri gift tags and secure them to the jars.

I have created 2 different gift tags for these gifts if you so desire to use them!  I think they are so fun, are stylish…and FREE!

You can sign up here to gain access to my entire printables library!  It includes all my gift tags, my free yearly calendars, artwork, and so much more!

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These stovetop potpourri gift tags are the perfect accessory to these fun DIY Christmas potpourri gifts.  I love the colors of the potpourri and think they look so pretty in the mason jars.  I used a simple red and white twine to tie the gift tags to the mason jars.

One of gift tags has simple instructions on how to use these Christmas stovetop potpourri’s.  It’s pretty self-explainitory, but just in case, this is how I use mine.

I use my large crock, but you can definitely use a smaller pan if you like. It just all looks pretty together.

See?  How pretty!  Its almost worthy of not heating it up!

I fill my stock pot about half way and then pour my potpourri mix into the water.  Now, turn the burner on low and let it begin heating.

You want this to slowly simmer on the stove.  I have been slowly simmering mine on the stove all day and my downstairs smells amazing!  I wish I had smellivision.

My kids actually thought I was making Wassail and was totally disappointed when they found out if was not for drinking haha!

There are a few other things you could add to this mixture once its been thrown in the pot.  A touch of vanilla extract or a vanilla pod would be amazing.  You could add more pine sprigs, or even drop a few drops of essential oils in to make it stronger. 

This stovetop potpourri really is the perfect neighbor gift…

I hope that you will take add this to your gift list.  It is super easy.  You can use plastic gift bags to save money, and the produce used to fill them is actually very budget friendly.  The cinnamon sticks are an absolute necessity, and the cranberries give so much color to the potpourri.  

This year,  I am thrilled to give these out.   I hope my friends and neighbors love them too!  Handmade gifts are really my most favorite thing.   For me, I hope that they know that when I put my time into making their gift that I truly care about them.  Purchasing a gift is totally fine and there is nothing wrong with that, but I like my love through my service.  And isn’t that what Christmas is about?  Its not about the present, but the intent, and the love you spread around.  I hope I do my part.

Have a wonderful Christmas!  I am looking forward to starting a new fresh year together!  I am excited where this little blog is headed and cant wait to share more fun and exciting posts with you!

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  1. What a great idea. I’ll be using that next year for presents. This is something everyone thinks of doing for themselves around the holiday, but never finds the time. This makes it so easy!!!!

  2. Hi, I love to do this! I’ve never made dried orange slices though, extra to give it a try. I wanted to ask what kind of stock pot you have in the pictures, I really love it.
    Thank you,

  3. Perhaps a silly question – can you purchase pine sprigs? I live in a place where we don’t have pine trees, but we do have a lot of spruce. Could I use spruce tree instead?

  4. If I am using cranberries that are from the cold section (not frozen) do I have to keep the jar cold once I assemble all ingredients until use?

  5. Hi! I love this idea and made everything last weekend. They turned out beautifully!! I used Rosemary since I didn’t have access to pine sprigs. My question is how long will the potpourri last in the jars? My rosemary is already browning?? And I wasn’t planning to give these as gifts for another two weeks! Should I remove the browning rosemary and replace it the day before I hand them out??

    1. I would definitely remove the rosemary and add it before you give them out. I used the pine boughs for that reason. They last longer. But it takes no time at all to add a bit of rosemary at the end.

  6. Looking forward to making this! How far ahead can I make it/how long will it last in the jar? Was thinking of getting a head start this weekend, but wondered if I needed to wait to make them until closer to the time I am going to give them away? They look so pretty! Thank you!

    1. I kept it in the fridge until I gave it away just to be safe. I had them out in the garage for about a week in the cold temperatures and the cranberries were fine. It would depend on the condition of them when you put the gifts together.

  7. What a fantastic idea! Planning on making these. How far in advance can I make the orange slices? If is possible to make them ahead how would I store them?

    Thank you

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