Farmhouse Living Room Refresh with Paint

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It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for some updating.  One space that was completely neglected last year was my upstairs farmhouse living room.  I admit, I had so many other projects going that I conveniently ignored this space.  I found myself turning a blind eye to the space it had turned into…a kids play area, a space where they had sleepovers, a place void of style and light. 

Farmhouse living room before.

Here is an embarrassing picture from before.  Yes, a few things had been gathered together, but this is how it looked.  Just plain, and plainly functional.  It was time for a farmhouse living room refresh.  

One of the quickest and easiest ways to update a space is with paint.  If you have a small budget, are limited on time, or just don’t want to spend a ton of effort updating a space, paint is perfect!  I always get teased from everyone in my life that I have an obsession with painting rooms,  and it’s kind of true. 

I love the way paint can completely transform a space, brightening up a dark room with light paint, or creating a moody space with dark paint.  I was really thrilled when I got to try out the new 2018 Color Collections of the Year by HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams. I used  INFINITY Interior Paint and Primer from Lowe’s Home Improvement.   

With four on-trend 2018 Color Collections of the Year from HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams, it’s easier than ever to bring harmony to your home. Each Color Collection has a range of colors that go together in any combination, helping take the guesswork out of choosing color and giving your home a sense of room-to-room harmony.

I knew that my family room was the space that needed to be updated and I eagerly checked out their trending Color Collections.  I bet you won’t be too surprised to find out that I picked a white color.  I have a few white paints that I use around the house, but I have been on the lookout for the perfect one.  I wanted something that was white, but one that had a warm tone, without being yellowy. This white is perfect! It’s called Greek Villa (HGSW4030) and it’s from the HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams  Thoughtful Living Color Collection.

The Color Collections are designed to work beautifully together in any space. All you have to do is choose the designer-inspired look you want to achieve from themes like Next Journey, Future Thinker, Thoughtful Living or Individual Mix.

One thing I look for in a paint is one that covers really well.  As much as I love painting, I hate painting layer upon layer to conceal what was underneath. This INFINITY Interior Paint and Primer really did well!  Granted, the color that was previously on the wall was a beigey yellow, but the white covered with one coat.  

The main reason I picked a white for this space is that it tends to be on the dark side.  We have amazingly beautiful structural beams in the ceiling, and while I wouldn’t dare paint these beams for fear of my life, I feel like lightening up the walls would help brighten up the space.  The vaulted ceilings are my most favorite features in this space and I wanted to highlight that.


A good tip when painting a room is to use good quality brushes and rollers.  I used Purdy brand brushes and rollers.  Using an angled brush is key to cutting in around window trim and ceilings. 

Things got a little tricky when I had to paint around all those beams.  I really did not want to spend a whole day going up and down a ladder.  Plus, the peak of our ceiling is much higher than I feel comfortable working on.  I ended up improvising and duct taped my Purdy brush to the end of my extension pole and painted from the ground!   

Duct tape a paint brush to the end of an extension pole to paint those hard to reach vaulted ceilings.

A few words of wisdom:  You have to be careful, having a paint brush waving that high in the air can be disastrous.  Also, you need to have a pretty steady hand to paint from 8 feet away:)

I am truly thrilled with how this color turned out.  Greek Villa (HGSW4030) is definitely going to be my go-to white paint.

And here is my room all finished:

Farmhouse art ona stacked stone fireplace, exposed beams, dropcloth curtains, and cozy ticking stripe throw pillows and blankets create the perfect mood for anyone looking to just relax for a bit.

It’s so much brighter!  The white on white walls and trim accent the wood beams and wood windows nicely.  And even though the walls are white, and may seem boring, these are not.  This shade of white is perfect!  I decided to create a piece of art specifically for this space.  I hung it above the mantel, so it becomes a focal point in the space.

I just love that vintage green chalkboard int his farmhouse living room.

This is the space where we watch movies and have sleepovers.  This large sectional has seen many slumber parties and movie nights.  It definitely a cozy spot to lounge. 

I strictly shopped my house to decorate this space.  I had a lot of space to decorate too.

Industrial style shelves combined with farmhouse style living room accents create a cozy space to relax.

I love the combination of industrial style shelves along with farmhouse accents in this farmhouse living room.

We have to keep many blankets around for all those snuggles that are guaranteed to happen.  I added dropcloth curtains to the windows to soften them.  I love the look of dropcloth, and they look so amazing with this paint color.

Simple drop cloth curtains, a vintage green chalkboard and a huge assortment of farmhouse style pillows help create a cozy farmhouse living room for family to enjoy.

These 2018 Color Collections of the Year are perfect for anyone looking to create a beautiful space.

HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams makes it easier than ever to achieve a perfectly designed home.  And when you paint your home using these Color Collections, you’re going to want to reveal your home like HGTV designers do.

Vintage green chalkboard, ticking strip pillows, and a cozy throw blanket make this farmhouse living room the perfect place to escape.

Do you have a room that needs a little love? Take the guesswork and frustration out of coordinating colors in your home by using one of the HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams new 2018 Color Collections of the Year.

I love combining different textures when decoratiing my farmhouse living room. Love the look of a cozy throw blanket, a galvanized tray, and some simple white candles.


Check out these farmhouse living room paint ideas.

I am a firm believer you can completely transform a room just by choosing the right paint color.  Try out one of the  new Color Collections from HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams, and create the look you’ve always wanted.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Have a great day!

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