Farmhouse Master Bedroom Remodel | ORC Week 2

Well, as it is with any of my One Room Challenge projects, this last week proved to give me some hangups, as well as some great additions.  I am so very thrilled to announce that Lowe’s Home Improvement will be sponsoring my farmhouse master bedroom remodel!!  I have worked with Lowe’s on previous room remodels including my master bathroom and my laundry room and each time they have been so wonderful to work with so I am over the moon to be working with them again.

Come follow along as I complete a farmhouse master bedroom remodel in less than 6 weeks! The final reveal is going to be so great!

As a result, there are a few things I decided to change in the room, but the main essence and feel will all be the same, and as with any room, over the time of a remodel, things will change, since what you saw in your head doesn’t always come out like you imagined.

This week, I was able to begin installing my board and batten, and I am so excited for the change!  Already I can see how this farmhouse master bedroom remodel is going to come together.  It is going to be a calm, relaxing space.

Come follow along as I complete a farmhouse master bedroom remodel in less than 6 weeks! The final reveal is going to be so great!

We also were able to fix the wall situation next to our closet.  We always had this odd little corner, that wasn’t really useful in any way, and I have always wanted to put our bed on that wall, but it wasn’t quite long enough to put it there, so by changing the wall I was able to change the entire function of the room.  


I have also been able to finalize my closet design, which I am so very excited about.  Having a functional and attractive closet is so thrilling and I have been wanting to do this for so long.  This is a photo of what I am inspired by.  I love the combination of shelves, hanging space, and drawers.  I cannot wait!

I always find this week the least exciting in terms of things to show you.  We spend the entire day yesterday measuring and cutting all the pieces for the window seat and book shelves that will go along one wall of the room.  I am excited to get that put together, but at this time not much to show!

But, here is a peek at some of the updates I have made….

Come follow along as I complete a farmhouse master bedroom remodel in less than 6 weeks! The final reveal is going to be so great!

Rug | Bookshelf | Flooring | Swing Arm Wall Lamp | Chandelier | Chair

I am OBSESSED with this chair!! And this rug….and oh gosh, well…..everything.

Now, its time that I get a little bit more done, you know, I don’t have very much time.

If you want to see more of my farmhouse master bedroom remodel plans entail, check out my week 1 post.

Have a great day!

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  1. I LOVE that rug! I need that rug in my life!! I have a question for you… I checked our your Master Bedroom board and we have a lot of the same pins, so I know we have similar style. I love the farmhouse style, but also like a little glam… do you think you could add gold accents in this type of design? My bedroom is mainly gray and white, with dark wood furniture except for my white vanity and bronze/antique mirrored bedside table. I have all my main pieces for my bedroom and have had them for a couple years, but still nothing on the walls and no accent pieces. I guess I’m more big picture and get totally stuck when it comes to finishing the look. Will you please also post your sources for the accent pieces when you finish?

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Oh my gosh, I totally think you could add gold pieces in. I am quite obsessed with them lately, but couldn’t find ones I wanted for my master bathroom. I definitely think it would be a great addition to our “style”. I will also be posting all the sources in my final reveal! So glad you stopped by!

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