My Go To Fashion Accessory This Fall

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Not often do I post about my personal fashion.  You could safely say that it is an extension of my homes style.

The other day, I looked outside my window and the beads of water running down, puddling onto the dewy leaves of the plants below.  We have been having many days like this recently, and I for one, could not be more happy about it.  I love the rain, and I love dressing for the rain.

The idea of layering up, adding some skinny jeans and a boot thrills me.   An accessory or two finishes the deal.

So, on that rainy, overcast day, we decided to take an adventure.  I have been working feverishly on 40 centerpieces for a hospital fundraiser, and you know me, any chance I can bring nature into the equation is a good thing.  I wanted to incorporate some of the beauty of the Quaking Aspen tree that is all over this area.  With its white and black bark, it is like it was meant for only me.

I layered up for the chilly weather I knew we were going to encounter.  I like to keep things simple.  A denim shirt, with some denim jeans, a pair of ankle boots and my newest and most favorite article, my JORD Wood Watch.

JORD wood watch | Cora Maple and Silver

Up until a few months ago, I really had no ideas that these types of watches exist.  I think I was living under a rock.   That was, until I was contacted by the company.  With the opportunity to review one of their watches, I did not hesitate.  Let me tell you, they have so many incredibly designed watches, but I finally decided on the Cora Maple and Silver watch.

JORD wood watch | Cora Maple and Silver

Everything about this watch exudes everything that I am about.  I love the raw and unfinished appearance of the wood.  The light wood is the perfect accent to just about anything I wear.  It often reminds me of the bleached or whitewashed wood finish that makes me swoon when I see it used in a home.

Check out how they delivered this baby to me.  It comes in its own little wooden box, equipped with its own plush pillow inside.

JORD wood watch | Cora Maple and Silver


JORD wood watch | Cora Maple and Silver

JORD wood watch | Cora Maple and Silver

One of my most favorite features about this watch is the exposed mechanisms on the inside of the watch.  The attention to detail seems pretty unmatched!

JORD Cora Maple and Silver Wood Watch

So, back to my story:

As we headed out on our journey, we turned off onto one of the many endless dirt roads.  As we drove, I was reminded what it is like to live in a farming community.  Its just a normal day when you are greeted by a herd of cows on the highway.

jord watch

As we drove higher in elevation, we began to encounter large thickets of Quaking Aspen trees.  Jackpot.  We continued to drive until we found a spot where a few trees had fallen down.  These would work perfect for my little project(you can read about this at a later date).

jord watch 12

Something about being out in nature, deep in the forest, with nothing but the sound of rain and children’s laughter, reminds me of how lucky I am to be where I am.  There was a distinct feeling of fall in the air.  Perfect.

I felt like I was at home, here in the woods, and of course, I dressed the part.

jord watch 11With its soft, light wooden finish, this watch is the perfect accessory for fall.  I tend to steer myself towards items that can be interchangeable into any outfit, for any occasion.

JORD Cora Maple and Silver Wood Watch

This watch definitely fits the bill.

JORD Cora Maple and Silver Wood Watch


To give an honest opinion of this watch, I have to say this.  It has been a really long time since I have actually worn a watch.  I was worried I would not like having it on my wrist after going so long with out one.  Well, I actually really like it!  I love that in addition to telling time, it is such a statement piece.  It is the perfect addition to my wardrobe this fall.  I am 100 percent in love with this cool and unique watch.

Now, some very exciting news!  JORD is giving away a 75 dollar e gift card to one lucky person, and a 20 dollar gift card to every entrant!  Click HERE to enter the drawing!

*Contest closes September 9, 2016 at 11:59pm*

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JORD Cora Maple and Silver Wood Watch


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